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Clara was in the process of pulling down the ladder to the attic when the question struck her; why is Christmas sometimes referred to as ’yule’? The wooden crates containing Christmas decorations and other items were hastily retrieved so that Clara could look it up in her book about yuletide traditions. On page 24, the book said that ’yule’ originates from the old Norse word jól, which means celebration or festival.

Get into the Christmas spirit with Anna and Clara for whom Christmas has a very special meaning. Christmas is the festival of love and a time during which we make that extra effort to bring happiness to those we hold dear. Christmas Eve, in particular, creates a sense of calm in which there is time to look one another in the eyes and savour the moments.

This year, Anna and Clara have found inspiration in the raw Nordic nature as well as the charming and delightful fairy tales, which have a special significance to the sisters. A reminiscent look back in time on past experiences has also brought with it a touch of nostalgia. The colours are deep with golden undertones.

In this catalogue you will find inspiration for creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Søstrene Grene would like to wish you a happy and cosy Christmas.

NOTE: Christmas stock will continuously be made available for sale in shops. The products shown will be available in all Søstrene Grene shops while stocks last.

Anna and Clara’s Christmas



On a cool spring day in April, Anna is enjoying a cup of her favourite chai tea, reminiscing about her childhood, during which she and Clara made frequent visits to their grandparents in Normandy. Those were great times! Anna vividly remembers the characteristic aromas of that French house; its flowered wallpaper and colourful, artistic decor and, not least, the tropical plants which graced the rooms.

An idea begins to form in Anna’s mind and she hastens to find Clara – who is enjoying a rare moment of peace. With budding excitement in her voice, Anna explains that she would like to put together a new interior collection, inspired by Art Deco but flavoured with the sisters’ Nordic style and penchant for clean lines. The entire Summer has been spent preparing the collection – and now it’s finally ready. A new and elegant interior collection with a glamourous expression that pays tribute to the 1920s. Anna has carefully nurtured every detail, whilst Clara has ensured all the right quality, throughout.

Welcome to the new season at Søstrene Grene.
The shown new interior design products are available in all stores
from 10 september and as long as stock lasts.

New Interior Collection



Anna and Clara are design-conscious, with an eye for colour and pattern. Their newly assembled product series for office and study supplies has just arrived in Søstrene Grene shops everywhere.

For the sisters, products must be practical, but they must also enhance the environment and lend a certain elegance to one’s daily work. Details mean a lot!

To find pretty much anything for the home office or approaching new term, just leaf through the catalogue.

We wish you happy reading and a wonderful summer.
The new products shown will be available for sale in stores
from 20 July 2015 and while stocks last.

Pretty and Sophisticated – School’s in!


A BEAUTIFUl Start To A New School Year

Anna and Clara have always said that wisdom comes with diligence and the right tools. The simple pleasure of the latter should not be sneezed at.

The sisters are very fond of aesthetics and pleasant colours. This catalogue introduces a new product series, where you will find pretty much everything that you need for the children’s new school year, the office or the creative corner.

It is important for the sisters that these products are not only functional, but also have just the right grace and expression to bring pleasure to the everyday. – Because Anna and Clara love the little pleasures.

We wish you happy reading and a wonderful summer.
The new products shown will be for sale in stores
from 29 June and while stocks last.

A New School Year. Pure summer bliss!



In an authentic small café in the heart of Paris, the two sisters Anna and Clara were sitting and enjoying a good cup of tea, meanwhile they discussed how they should put together their new interior collection.

Suddenly an industrial truck passed by the café, and the conversation stopped. Anna and Clara looked at each other and smiled – they thought the same.

Raw industrial style with soft and dusty colors and clean white – a new Nordic version of the industrial look.

Welcome to the new season.
The shown new interior design products are available in all stores
from 6 March and as long as stock lasts.

Beautiful interior news


Anna og Clara love Christmas and all its delightful traditions.

The scent of pine and freshly baked cookies, the cosiness of decorating the home and the joy of enjoying family presence. This is the time where Anna and Clara take out the box with Christmas decorations, which they faithfully have gathered on their many travels around the world. This year, the two sisters are inspired by the Nordic tones and they have designed many beautiful Christmas products for the home, for the tree, for gift wrapping and not least for this year’s advent calendar.

Especially Anna was inspired by the Nordic Christmas, which invites the nature indoors. Anna thinks that the Nordic expression gives Christmas a relaxed and light atmosphere that reminds her of snowy landscapes.

Clara appreciates the more traditional colors, which look well against the Christmas tree’s green branches. It evokes strong childhood memories, which Clara thinks back on with joy. In this Catalogue, you can find inspiration on how to create a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Søstrene Grene wishes you a merry Christmas.

The products are available in all Søstrene Grene stores as long as the products are in stock.

Christmas Inspiration



One sunny morning in May, Anna suddenly woke up from a dream. In her dream, she had imagined the design of a completely new line of interior products, which she could not get out of her mind. Even though it was very early, Anna simply could not resist jumping out of bed and placing herself in front of her drawing board.

After working very carefully with the drawings of the products, Anna invited Clara to come over and review her work. Clara only had to take one look at the drawings and then she knew that this Fall’s interior collection would be memorable. Therefore, Clara immediately contacted their loyal manufacturer to get the collection up and running.

In this catalogue you can see the results of Anna’s work.

Welcome to the new season.

The displayed products are available in all of Søstrene Grene’s stores from September 5 and as long as the products are in stock.

Interior news – Fall 2014


NEW Stationary products for school in Søstrene Grene’s own designs.

Anna and Clara like aesthetics and beautiful colors. Therefore they have developed a new series of stationary products for children and students, which are now available in all stores. It is important for the two sisters that the products are not only functional – they also need to have the right graceful expression, which can add excitement and joy.

In this catalogue you can find basically all you may need for your home office or for your children’s schooling.

Enjoy and have a great summer.

The products in this catalogue will be sold from 26 June and as long as stock lasts.

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