Use Anna and Clara’s three different decorative wallpapers to give your home interiors a personal twist. Watch the video and learn how you can add the wallpaper to a wall in your own home using the sisters’ wallpaper paste.

how to use wallpaper

Add personality and character with decorative wallpaper

For the first time ever, Anna and Clara have introduced decorative wallpapers as part of Søstrene Grene’s new home interiors and lifestyle collection. Learn how to paper a wall in your own home.

A wall covered with decorative wallpaper can add both atmosphere, personality and character to a room. If you have not tried to paper a wall before, do not despair – even as a beginner, it is a manageable project to paper a single wall in a room.

Anna and Clara recommend the sisters’ decorative wallpaper for use on a single wall in a room. Only applying the decorative wallpaper to one wall will ensure that the wallpaper’s colours and patterns do not overwhelm the room – “instead, the wallpaper will add character to the room,” Anna says.

If you have a blank wall in your home, you may consider decorating it with the sisters’ wallpaper. In the same way as framed images and posters, a papered wall can add new colours, motifs and patterns to a room – but in a way that adds warmth and character to the entire room.

How to use wallpaper

Ideas for use of decorative wallpaper

Highlight your favourite furniture pieces

By adding decorative wallpaper to one wall in a room, this wall will be highlighted in the room. By placing your preferred dresser or a special heirloom against the wall, you ensure that your personal favourites get the attention they deserve.

An extra element in the hall

The hall is a natural space in the home to decorate with wallpaper. It is often a quite neutral room where we do not tend to display our preferred flea market finds or heirlooms. Paper a wall in the hall and experience how the colours and patterns of the hall will create a welcoming ambience when entering the home.

Make paper art for the walls

Instead of throwing out scraps of wallpaper, Anna recommends that you keep them and turn them into beautiful works of art that can embellish other rooms. You can use paper collages as a red thread throughout your home, having wallpaper from some rooms appear in other rooms as well. See more here, where Anna shows how you can make unique paper artworks out of even the smallest bits of wallpaper.



At your local Søstrene Grene store, you will find:

  • Decorative wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste

At your local builders’ merchant, you will find:

  • Soft wallpaper hanging brush
  • Wallpaper guide knife
  • Utility knife
  • Paint brush or paint roller to add wallpaper paste with
  • Cover for table



1. Measure the height of the wall and add approximately 30 centimeters, which will be cut when the wallpaper has been applied to the wall. Cut the wallpaper.

2. Mix wallpaper paste according to the instructions on the packaging of Søstrene Grene’s wallpaper paste.

3. On a covered table, add wallpaper paste to the back of the cut piece of wallpaper. Be careful when doing this, as wallpaper paste on the front of the wallpaper should be avoided. If you do not have a small table, a pasting table might be helpful.

4. Carefully fold the wallpaper over itself, as shown in the video, and hang it on the wall.

5. Be careful when unfolding the wallpaper when you apply it to the wall.

6. Use the wallpaper hanging brush to smooth out the wallpaper.

7. Use the wallpaper guide knife and the utility knife at the top and the bottom to cut off excess wallpaper.

8. Finally, use a wet cloth to remove any remains of wall paper paste on panels.


Watch the video where Anna and Clara demonstrate how you can use Søstrene Grene’s wallpaper paste to add the sisters’ decorative wallpaper on a wall in your own home.

how to use wallpaper

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