Soft and convenient storage.

Clara can always use new bowls and baskets for storage, and this simple felt design is perfect for her desk.


1. Transfer the basket template to some baking paper, see how on page 5. Place two pieces of felt one on top of the other and hold them together with a couple of pins. Now use the template to trace triangles onto the felt as shown in the image. Make sure to place the triangles as mirror images of each other in all four corners. Cut out the triangles.

2. Thread a needle with the string and fold the sides of the basket up. Fold the short sides up first, and then the long sides. Use pins or paper clips to hold the sides in place as you sew.

3. Remember to stitch every corner of the basket together as well as the two long sides, so that all folded edges are secured with string.

4. Image 4 shows what the basket looks like if the long sides are folded up before the short sides. For this alternative basket, you do not need to stitch the corners together, just the two long sides.

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