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– those are the best suppers of all, according to Anna and Clara. The sisters like to keep a selection of tapenades, mayonnaises, pickled vegetables and grissini in the kitchen – ready for lovely gatherings with friends, even spontaneously on weekday evenings.

Pickled vegetables
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Together with a former Michelin chef, Anna and Clara have developed a number of exciting and quite unique delicacies, available exclusively from Søstrene Grene. They include rich mayonnaises, delicious vinaigrettes and tantalising syrups.


Anna and Clara have developed a range of delicious organic jams and unique syrups which can make a magical difference to the taste experience. Clara just loves syrup as a topping on yoghurt with granola, on warm pancakes or drizzled on raw vegetable salads. Full-bodied and rich, syrups are unique flavour enhancers.

Organic muesli.
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Organic jam.
From Denmark.
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Organic baking mix. Pancakes.
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Organic baking mixes.
Rolls, bread and baguettes, rye bread.
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Anna and Clara have combined Italian classics with Nordic specialities that can easily be transformed into everyday dishes with a twist.


Create delightful biscuits for your party

“With the ridged rolling pin, the biscuits get a unique appearance,” Anna tells. She enjoys decorating the biscuits with icing, raspberries and the sisters’ sprinkles. Find the recipe for the biscuits here: https://sostrenegrene.com/shortcrust-pastry-raspberry-jam-recipe/ Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:
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Recipe for home-made dog biscuits

The sisters’ novelties for the four-legged family members has inspired Anna to create a dog biscuit recipe. Anna’s recipe becomes approximately 45 dog biscuits depending on thickness and shape. Ingredients: 600 ml oatmeal 200 ml rye 150 ml wheat flour 1 tsp oil 100 ml boiling water 50 ml beef...
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Easy homemade muesli bars for the lunch box

Using Søstrene Grene’s organic muesli, it is easy to make your own flavourful muesli bars – a perfect lunch box treat. Find Anna’s recipe for muesli bars which can be made both with and without added sugar. Muesli bars are a crunchy and delicious treat, and using Søstrene Grene’s organic...
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Simple recipe for tasty lunch box bread

With Søstrene Grene’s organic baking mix for cold-raised rolls, it is easy to make tasty bread for the children’s lunch boxes. Ideas for a vegan alternative are also provided. Hearty snacks are a hit with active children, and with Anna’s recipe it does not take much shopping or many preparations...
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Easy-made tasty and summery trifle

As something entirely, you can now find a lovely trifle set at Søstrene Grene. The set consists of a tasty compote and a crispy, butter-baked crumble. You only need to add a bit of whipped creme, sour creme or skyr to make it ready to be served. Did you like...
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Make refreshing iced coffee for warm days

With a new season coming, Anna has been in the kitchen to experiment with a recipe for iced coffee that will do well on warm days. In case you, like Anna, enjoy a sweet-tasting ice coffee, the sisters’ caramel and vanilla syrup can be the finishing touch. Tip: Avoid a...
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Cooking has been a life-long passion for Anna and Clara.
As children, they loved helping out in the kitchen. At school, they learned the most basic cooking skills, but also developed a genuine taste for the world of food thanks to their wonderful cookery teacher Mrs Bach.

It is therefore with great pleasure and considerable enthusiasm that the sisters are now launching a new food collection. Together with food lovers and pioneers from the world of gastronomy, the sisters have developed a range of unique products which elegantly combine their love of honest food with quality, aesthetics and locally sourced raw ingredients.

With their new collection, Anna and Clara want to set the scene for families to come together for a cosy weekend brunch or to celebrate a birthday, and for friends to spend an evening together exploring a variety of sharing dishes, while immersed in conversation about anything and everything.

The kitchen and the dining table – ever-changing spaces
Anna and Clara have lovingly created a food collection consisting of a wide range of specialty products for cooking simple, but flavourful sharing dishes. “We need more unique taste experiences. This is very important,” as Anna says. In addition, the sisters have created a palette of exciting organic baking mixes – both savoury and sweet. Anna and Clara have, of course, also designed kitchenware and accessories in the intimate and informal style favoured by the sisters.

Anna and Clara hope that you will feel inspired to create new
and delicious culinary experiences.

Happy reading!

Kindest regards, Anna og Clara