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The collection will be available for sale from Thursday 27 June 2019. – with the exception of the chair, which will be available for sale from Thursday 18 July 2019.

Paper the caring way
The chair will be available for sale from 18 JULY

Get ready for the children going back to school

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the eyes of children beaming with happiness. It is admirable how much joy the little darlings derive from the smallest things. At the back of the catalogue, you will find new products for school and for creative experimentation.

Pencil with eraser
Wood. Available in eight variants.
Price per item £0.56

Letter organiser
Cardboard. Available in three variants.
Price per item £4.20

Tool holder
Cardboard. Available in three variants.
Price per item £4.76

Lunch boxes
Plastic. Available in several variants.
Price per item from £0.92

Let your creativity and joy of work run wild


Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Knit a dishcloth

Knitting is a sweet activity which can result in something highly useful, if you ask Anna. Download Have a look at the video in which Anna knits useful dishcloths for the kitchen. Anna's dishcloth in one-colour brioche stitch When the day draws to a close, Anna likes to make herself...

Yarn and Recipes

How to create a lovely mobile with yarn birds

Turn yarn into adorable birds and let them adorn the living room or children’s room. For Anna, this is a cosy way to work with yarn which even brings a feeling of spring into the home. She recommends that you explore the abundance of carefully selected yarn colours in stores...

Home and Interior

Personalised play suitcases for the family vacation

When Anna and Clara go on vacation or an outing with their nephew, they always bring entertainment for the little one. Anna has created three versions of a suitcase for play and storage that are personalised with paint and self-adhesive foil. List of materials for this DIY project: Play suitcase...


Create a journal filled with memories of ‘hygge’ moments

Bring ‘hygge’ into your everyday life by having a journal that you fill with nice memories and moments of ‘hygge’ such as drawings, notes and your favourite recipes. The journal is made with special sections for drawings and scribbles, and you can reflect on everyday ‘hygge’ daily, once a week...

Yarn and Recipes


Anna is fond of imbuing every stitch with a thought for her loved ones. The shawl is knitted in the finest warm and colourful wool, which is sure to spread joy on cold days. Download MATERIALS FOR ANNA’S WOOLLEN SHAWL: Anna and Clara’s 100% wool (50 g) 5 balls (250...

Yarn and Recipes

Tea Cosy

This lovely tea cosy helps keep your tea hot during the cold months of the year. ”It is both practical and cosy,” believes Clara. You can print the template here: Download MATERIALS FOR THE TEA COSY: Anna and Clara’s woollen yarn, 3 grey balls (150 g) + 1 purple ball...


Renew your workspace

“A productive and enjoyable day at work starts with the right tools,” as the sisters say. Be inspired to create an organised and inviting workspace with the sisters’ many new seasonal products in a Nordic, simple and feminine look.

In this collection, you will find 25 notebooks in more than 100 variants.

Like all Søstrene Grene’s paper products, the notebooks are FSC®-certified, which means that they are produced using wood from forests that are managed with respect for people, animals and the natural world.

Kindest regards, Anna and Clara.