The enchanting outdoors
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Mini greenhouse
Paulownia wood, metal and glass.
30,5×15,5×30 cm.
Price per item £17.22

Plant pots
Ø: 15 cm and Ø: 20 cm.
Price per item from £3.42

Window box
Metal. 40x17x21 cm
and 50×13.5×13.5 cm.
Price per item £16.36

Plastic and metal.
15x13x9 cm.
Price per item £9.54

See the idea in the DIY corner at www.sostrenegrene.com

Create a festive scene with home-made bunting in happy colours and different patterns. Anna would like to point out that this is a perfect DIY project for beginners.

Patchwork fabric
Price per item £2.42

Patchwork fabric
Find fine and useful items for this season’s outdoor activities at Søstrene Grene

See the great outdoors and all your outdoor spaces as potential new havens for relaxation or simply for whiling away some wonderful hours with people you love. Anna and Clara enjoy spending time outdoors, simply because nature is such an endless source of amazing experiences and sensory impressions that bring joy.

Happiness is in the moment, while the past and future exist only in our minds


Garden and plant decoration

DIY – Flower arrangement in vase

You can easily arrange beautiful flower bouquets in vases, just remember to use masking tape. Have a look at the video and learn Anna’s flower trick on how to make gorgeous, but light flower arrangements. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your...

Garden and plant decoration

Decorate outdoors with a bead flower pennant

Make gardens and balconies festive using ironing beads, bead plates and Anna’s template for flowers and leaves. Hang the colourful bead figures on a string and enjoy the view of the decorative flower pennant, which can stay outside even in rainy weather. You can print the template here: Download List...

Garden and plant decoration

Make decorative bells for outdoor ‘hygge’

Create a cosy and decorative outdoor space with room for decorations and small details. Anna has made the lovely, decorative bells on strings which will be a enjoyable experience for guests as well as yourself. Remember to add a dense layer of varnish before hanging the bells outdoors. List of...

Garden and plant decoration

Decorative and practical plant labels

With self-hardening clay, you can easily make personal plant labels which will look decorative while helping to keep track of your plants. It is exciting for children and adults alike to follow the growth from seeds to sprouts to full-grown plants. Anna and Clara recommend that you use home-made plant...

Garden and plant decoration

A string of home-made bunting for festive occasions and everyday “hygge”

“A very good way to get acquainted with the art of sewing!”, says Anna – and with the sisters’ simple template for bunting, everyone can take part. A string of home-made bunting is a decorative detail for cosy moments in the garden and festive gatherings outdoors as well as indoors....

Garden and plant decoration

Homemade flower display

When Anna receives fresh flowers, she likes to hang single flowers on her homemade flower display. Watch the video and discover how you can decorate your home with flowers. Materials: Hanger Wooden pegs Wooden beads   Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 15, 2018 and while...

Relaxed haven under the skies

The calendar says spring, which always fills Anna and Clara with delight. What joy to behold the first signs of spring – especially the rays of sun as they travel across the rooftops or reflect in the water. “Watching the spring flowers burst forth and the greening of everything is truly enchanting,” say the sisters, who welcome the season with a new collection for outdoor living.

About the new collection
Anna and Clara are presenting a collection perfect for joyful relaxation and ‘hygge’ under the skies. The collection includes colourful plant pots, vases and window boxes for all the pretty spring flowers. You will also find a wide range of comfortable cushions, throws and quilted blankets for creating ‘hygge’ in the garden or on the balcony. And as something entirely new, the collection includes a variety of outdoor games and everything from hula hoops to swings for the little ones. At the back of this catalogue you will find an overview of all the new products.

Making dreamy universes come true
For Anna and Clara, it is important to enjoy the seasons. And nature as the ultimate source of sensory delight. Dream the day away in a hammock, invite your friends on a picnic or for a summer party with fun and games in the garden. Smile, laugh and enjoy the present. “Living in the moment is an art,” as Clara says. Anna and Clara hope that you will feel inspired to create truly enjoyable experiences as the ever-changing seasons unfold into spring.

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