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DIY Catalogue

Fabulous creatures

Colourful and full of fun. Play with colours, shapes and beads in this DIY project to make all sorts of imaginative animals. Method 1. Roll out the clay, and cut it into the desired shape using clay cutters or a knife. Simply use your imagination. 2. Insert a screw eye...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Trivets made of clay

Anna wishes to protect her dining table in a decorative way. That is why, she has created fine, colourful trivets made of clay. Materials: Self-hardening clay, 500g EUR 3.64 / GBP 3.63 Varnish, 50 ml. EUR 2.22 / GBP 4.12 Acrylic paint, Price per six-pack from EUR 2.79 / GBP...

Christmas and Holidays DIY Catalogue

Flying angel

Stylish decorations for your home For Clara, there can be no Christmas without a display of graceful angels. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Steel wire EUR 0.97 / GBP 0.79 Decor yarn EUR 2.54 / GBP 2.52 Wooden beads EUR 1.24 / GBP 1.19 Filling EUR 1.26...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Leather bookmark

Clara uses the wonderful bookmark Anna has made to save the place when she needs to pause her reading. Materials: Leather straps, Price per item from EUR 3.34 / GBP 3.28 Leather string, Price per item from EUR 2.63 / GBP 2.38 Leather EUR 3.92 / GBP 3.84 Punch pliers...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Leather bird for hanging

Anna has collected a couple of fresh twigs from the garden and decorated them with the sweet, little leather birds she has created herself. Materials: Leather straps, Price per item from EUR 3,34 / GBP 3,28 Clasps, chains and studs, Price per pack EUR 2,38 / GBP 2,32 Punch pliers,...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Cut and fold animals

When Anna and the nieces got scissors and paper at hand, they quickly created fine, little pieces of art. Materials: Leather straps, price per item from EUR 3.34 / GBP 3.28 Cardboard, price per item from EUR 0.83 / GBP 0.81 Eyelets, buttonhole studs, EUR 1.76 / GBP 1.72 Eyelet...

DIY Catalogue Gift Wrapping

Decorate with flowers

Flowers for the host or hostess. Pamper your loved ones not just with a gift, but also with a beautiful bouquet of delicately wrapped flowers. Materials: The materials and tools used will be available for sale from Thursday 27 September 2018 and while stocks last. Did you like this post?...

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