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Redcurrant juice

The kitchen is filled up with red berries, sugar, pots and pans. Anna and Clara are making redcurrant juice from all the berries, they picked in the garden together with Hilmer. The juice tastes just as wonderful as they remember, and the sweet taste of summer and sunshine bring back...
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Summer strawberries

Anna likes to surprise Clara and Hilmer when they are working in the garden. Thus, she has made them these strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled on some colorful sprinkle. As stick Anna has used blue striped paper straws from Søstrene Grene. The stick makes it both fun and easier...
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Anna’s ice coffee

In the summer heat Anna and Clara like to enjoy their coffee ice cold. Make your own ice coffee: 1 teaspoon Nescafé 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar A bit of hot water Add 3 ice cubes and the amount of milk you like. Shake well until the ice cubes have melted....
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Serve summer drinks in your finest glasses

A glass of lemonade just tastes better when it is served in a beautiful champagne glass. Break with tradition and serve juices and smoothies in your finest glasses. It looks beautiful, tastes better and the glasses can be used at several occasions. Set the table for brunch and serve yoghurt...
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Rhubarb muffins

Anna has baked delicious muffins for the entire family. Ingredients: (approx. 16 pcs.) 220 g soft butter 220 g of sugar 1/2 vanilla pod 4 eggs 275 g of wheat flour 2 tsp. baking powder 200 grams sliced rhubarb (2-3 cm.) 1/2 cup. cane sugar 100 grams of chopped white chocolate...
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DIY – Søstrene Grene’s vegetable pie

For 10 persons. Ingredients: 1/4 cleaned celeriac 4 skined carrot 4 potatoes with skin 1 leek 1/2 broccoli in small pieces 250 g. frozen spinach in balls 8 eggs 2,5 dl. cream 1 tbs. salt A large pie pan covered with a layer of thin shortcrust pastry (the filling fits a pie of D 30...
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