Just in time for holiday treats.

Clara likes to fill Christmas cornets with individually wrapped treats before hanging them on the tree.


1. Transfer the cornet template to baking paper, see how on page 5. Trace the template onto the kraft paper using a pencil and cut out the cornet.

2. Make the kraft paper wet and then crumple it up to give it some texture. Leave to dry on a kitchen towel.

3. Use the punch pliers to make holes for the leather string. The placement of the holes is indicated on the template.

4. Now decorate the cornet with paint and stamps. For the best result, dab the paint onto the stamp using a sponge. Let the paint dry.

5. Glue the cornet together using a hot glue gun.

6. Cut a length of leather string and pass one end from the outside in through the top hole, then from the inside out through the bottom hole. Now finish with a knot on the outside. Repeat with the other end of the string on the opposite side.

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