Anna and Mette from the universe Monsterscircus have collaborated on yet another creative project. 

Their shared fondness for bringing nature indoors gave them the idea to create a refreshing and different bulletin board from nature materials.

mood board

Nature is a trend that is tough not to fall in love with. The possibilities are many when you wish to bring nature indoors with plants and interior items of nature materials.

 DIY mood board

A bulletin board or simply a refreshing eye catcher for the wall

– this way, you make a creative contribution to the wall in mere minutes.

Bulletin board


  • Seagrass rug
  • Nail and hammer
  • Paper clips or pins to bulletin boards

How to make the bulletin board: 06_Seagrass-Mood-Board-attaching--with-Paper-Clip350dpi

  • Find the right spot for your bulletin board on the wall and fasten a small handful of nails along the rim of the rug.
  • Use paper clips or pins to fasten your photos, keepsakes or illustrations to the rug.

An elegant, charming and simple way of expressing your personal style.

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