Anna and Mette from the universe Monsterscircus have collaborated on yet another creative project. 

There is something enchanting about being able to capture the beautiful essence of flowers and preserving it forever on the surface of ceramics, Anna and Mette from the universe www.monsterscircus.com agree. The two women have collaborated on a creative project that demonstrates how you can preserve flowers.

Decorate a beautiful vase for the roadside’s wild blossoms or the flowers of your garden.

Pressed flowers

Botany is a prevailing trend in interior and home decor. There is something enchanting about being able to capture the beautiful essence of flowers and preserve them forever.


Flowers and small leaves are particularly suited for the purpose.

Flower heads with broad stems are less suited for pressing since they contain too much water, which may cause them to go mouldy. However, feel your way with it. In order to avoid possible moisture, you can carefully reposition the flowers throughout the process and perhaps find them a new and dry page.


  • Flowers
  • Heavy, old book
  • Decoupage glue
  • Paint brush
  • Ceramics jar

How to press flowers and use them for decoupage:

Press your flowers between the pages of the book, and you may want to leave it on a radiator. The drying time for flowers is approximately 12-1 days. Carefully monitor the flowers throughout the process.

After the long drying time, it almost feels like Christmas to “unwrap” the flowers.

Add some decoupage glue on the jar.

Carefully place the flowers on top of the glue.

Finish with a layer of glue over the flower.

Repeat the process until you have reached the wanted result.

Please be aware that the ceramics with the flowers needs to be hand-washed. For a result that can endure more, use a decoupage glue that can withstand machine-wash.

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