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Christmas and Holidays

Cut precious paper cuttings for spring

Anna has always been fond of paper cuttings, and springtime is an eternal source of inspiration to her. “Paper cutting can create wonderful moments of contemplation,” she says. Do like Anna and cut out dainty paper cuttings. You can personalise the paper cuttings with little poems or notes, or you...

Home and Interior

Create personal treasure chests out of empty milk cartons

”Remember to save your empty milk and juice cartons after use,” Anna says. The empty cartons can be turned into little, personal treasure chests. Spend a couple of hours together at the table and decorate your treasure chests with paint, paper, gift wrapping paper or whatever else you have at...


Colour friendly snakes for decorative hanging

Give the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in colouring with this cosy project that requires very few tools. Let the little ones decorate and colour the snakes, cut them out and hang them for decoration in the child’s room or somewhere else in the home that could use a...

Christmas and Holidays Yarn and Recipes

Knit sweet egg cosies for the Easter table

Soft-boiled eggs are a must on the Easter table, the sisters believe. For this reason, Anna has knitted these egg cosies which creates an Easter atmosphere and keeps the eggs warm at the same time. “A manageable Easter project for those fond of knitting,” Anna says. Materials: Anna and Clara’s...

Christmas and Holidays

Embellish deco eggs with precious feathers

Adorning the home with beautiful Easter eggs is a natural part of celebrating Easter. When it comes to Easter eggs, as well as other seasonal decorations, Anna has a soft spot for the homemade kind. The sisters’ deco eggs can be painted or decorated with all sorts of embellishments. In...

Christmas and Holidays Food and Recipes

How to make festive and tasty chocolates for Easter

Using Anna and Clara’s chocolate moulds, you can make sweet and delicate chocolates for your guests. To make it easy, Anna has filled the chocolates with the sisters’ lemon curd and salted caramel, but you can easily add your personal favourite flavours. “Feel free to experiment with the expression by...

Home and Interior

A theatre which you can make yourself

When Anna and Clara tell nephew Hilmer adventurous bedtime stories, the sisters like to do it in interaction with a small theatre. See in the video, how Anna has created a theatre where small animals of paper cuttings come to life. You can print the template here: Download Did you...

Home and Interior

Enjoyable spinning tops

Gather the family and decorate the spinning tops with ornamental patterns. Discover how new colours and designs occur when the top spins. List of materials for this DIY project: Cardboard bits Pens A small coin Scissors Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with...


Make creative bookmarks

When Clara reads out loud for the nephew Hilmer, she lets him place the funny, little bookmarks. Watch the video and discover how you can create bookmarks for children and childish souls. You can print the template here: Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to...

Home and Interior

DIY – Illustrations with hole puncher

Decorate your living room or the nursery with a colourful illustration that evokes joy, Anna suggests. Get creative with your hole puncher and use the clippings to make a personal piece of art. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Christmas and Holidays

DIY – Easter decorations for the entire family

Lovely spring chicks and adorable Easter bunnies, Anna is creating both by means of yarn and cardboard, and you can easily make your own. Use them as place cards, to hang in your home or something else entirely. You can print the template here: Download  Did you like this post?...

Home and Interior

Create lovely animals from rice paper lamps

Let yourself be inspired by Anna’s latest DIY project and transform rice paper lamps into lovely and funny animals. Anna could not help herself, and she has created both a jellyfish, a unicorn and an owl. Which animal would you make? List of materials for this DIY project: Rice paper...

Home and Interior

Create artwork for the wall with dried flowers

Painting delicate flowers with little brushes can require a trained hand, Anna knows. With dried flowers and a few other materials, you can instead easily create an enchanting artwork for the wall that will look beautiful on its own or as part of a gallery wall. Materials: Dried flowers from...


DIY – Scrunchies

With the sisters’ patchwork fabric or fabric remains from previous projects, you can easily make sweet scrunchies. Cut the fabric 50 cm by 10 cm and cut a 20 cm elastic cord. See more in the video, where Anna shows you how to use a sewing machine to transform the...

Home and Interior

DIY – Macramé ornaments

On a trip to the beach the other day, Anna found some dainty pebbles. In this video, you can discover how to make you own macramé ornaments with pebbles, yarn and beads. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Party and Decoration

Lively dragon

The mischievous flying dragon invites all knights to experience the mysterious magic of its den. “And you are invited too,” Anna and Clara explain. You can print the template here: Download Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Party and Decoration

Fun treasure hunt

“Invite your guests on a fun treasure hunt dotted with delightful finds along the way,” says Clara. On the sisters’ blog you can find a list of treasures to be collected. The list can be glued onto a gift bag. Your guests can then use the bag to collect their...

Food and Recipes Party and Decoration

Homemade isomalt lollipops with edible flowers

Use isomalt to create beautiful decorations for cakes and cupcakes. The ornamental lollipops can be decorated with edible flowers and sprinkles. “A fun and unusual detail for the cakes,” if you ask Anna. Remember to use edible, unsprayed flowers. Materials: Isomalt Lollipop sticks Cupcake cases Anna and Clara’s Muffin Baking...

Yarn and Recipes

Sleep mask

A sleep mask can be both practical and fine, and Anna knows that Clara loves wearing one. That is why she has come up with this wonderful pattern to suit Clara’s taste. You can make one too, together with your guests or in your own company. For the sleep mask,...

Home and Interior Yarn and Recipes

Get a free printable template for creating wonderful yarn embroideries on paper

“With yarn you can add characteristic art to your gallery wall,” tells Anna, who has created two templates for elegant yarn embroideries on paper. “You can profitably use yarn remains from previous creative pursuits for this project,” Clara can tell. You can print the template here: Download List of materials...

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