Add your own personal touch to your daily cooking with a home-made spice oil.

Anna has the perfect recipe for spice oil, which is ideal as marinade and in salads.


Anna’s spice oil recipe

You can easily make your own spice oil. The spice oil tastes wonderfully when used as a marinade and in salads. Pour the oil into a preserving bottle, place a dainty sticker on the glass surface and remember to write which type of oil you have made on the sticker.

You need:

  • Olive oil
  • a few thyme twigs
  • 2 tsp of dried chili

Remember to sterilise the preserving bottle with scalding water before you start making the oil. Before the glass is filled with boiling water, Anna always recommends that you preheat the glass by rinsing it in warm water (40-50°C). Glass, you see, may crack if exposed to sudden strong heat, which you would strive to avoid.

Hereafter, you pour scalding water over the thyme twigs. Afterwards, use a clean tea towel to dry off the thyme.

Place the thyme twigs and the dried chili in the bottle and pour in the olive oil. Remember to cover the bottle’s entire contents with oil.

Leave the oil in the bottle for a week before you start using it in your cooking. Anna recommends that you experiment with different spices in your oils.


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DIY spice oil
DIY spice oil

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