Classic and elegant christmas ornaments.

To Clara, a properly decorated Christmas tree always includes at least one colourful Christmas drum.

Use the following templates for one drum:

– One wide strip.

– One strip with sawtooth pattern.

– Two circles for the top and bottom.

– Two narrow strips.


1. Transfer the drum templates to baking paper, see how on page 5. Now trace the templates onto corrugated cardboard in the desired colour and cut them out. Remember to place the templates so that the corrugated cardboard can be rolled.

2. Use the hot glue gun to glue the ends of the wide strip together, forming a ring.

3. Glue the strip with sawtooth pattern on top of the wide strip. Position one of the teeth so that it covers the seam in the ring.

4. Now take the string and glue one end to the inside of the drum along the edge of one tooth. Now weave the string alternately inside and outside the drum, following the sawtooth pattern all the way around. Finish by gluing the ends of the string to the inside of the drum.

5. Glue on the top and bottom of the drum. If you do not get the circles positioned perfectly, you can trim off any excess cardboard. Then glue on the two narrow strips.

6. Now tie the ribbon in a bow and snip the ends to equal length. Cut another piece of ribbon, fold it into a loop and glue it to the edge of the drum for hanging. Glue on the bow to hide the seam, and the drum is now finished.

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