Little bird sing the advent of Christmas.

These birds make lovely host and hostess gifts during the holiday season, believes Clara.


1. Transfer the bird template to baking paper, see how on page 5. Fold a piece of fabric in half with the wrong side out. Trace the template onto the fabric, use pins to hold the halves together, then cut out the bird. Take care to cut a couple of millimetres outside the edge to give yourself more room to work when using the sewing machine.

2. Sew along the dotted line. Start and finish the work by sewing back and forth to fasten the thread.

3. Trim off any extra fabric, then stuff the bird.

4. Cut a loop of ribbon and place it in the opening as close to the bird’s head as possible. Now sew up the hole by hand using small stitches. Tie off ends, then cut the thread.

5. Now sew on a little bead as an eye on each side of the bird’s head. Pull the thread nice and tight as you work, to give the bird the right look.

6. Transfer the wing templates to baking paper and cut them out. Now trace two large wings onto a piece of carton and two small wings onto a piece of felt. Choose playful colour combinations. Important: make sure you place the wings as mirror images of each other when you attach them to the bird using a hot glue gun.

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