Made from papier mâché and dried flowers.

Anna dried flowers from the garden over the summer, and now she has had the brilliant idea to decorate papier mâché bowls with natural beauties.

Anna has a big book that she always uses to press and dry flowers. The drying time is usually 1-2 weeks, depending on how much moisture the plant contains.


1. Combine the papier mâché mixture. Cover the outside of a bowl with plastic wrap for use as a mould. Now coat the plastic-wrapped bowl in papier mâché.

2. Let the papier mâché bowl dry for about four days. When it is completely dry, loosen it carefully from the mould.

3. Now decorate the bowl. Here, Anna has used dried flowers. Please note that she has applied a layer of decoupage glue both under and on top of the flowers. You can also decorate the bowl with acrylic paint.

4. Finally, give the entire bowl a layer of lacquer.

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