Make a beautiful mobile.

Here, Anna has used felt, which is made from 100% wool, making the material a delight to work with.“Good-quality materials and beautiful results go hand in hand,” as Anna says.

You can print the template here:

1. Transfer the templates of the mushroom, acorn and leaves to a transparent sheet. Use your templates to trace and cut out the shapes.

Felt mobile

2. Sew the pieces together. Stuff the pieces you have sewn together with filling – with the exception of the acorn top before sewing them closed.

Felt mobile

3. Sew the small little leaves with small stiches.

Felt mobile

4. Embroider lines on the mushroom and the large leaves, as shown in the photo.

Felt mobile

5. Attach thread to the finished shapes. Make sure to leave plenty of thread for hanging on the metal ring.

Felt mobile

6. Attach the four decorations to the ring and fasten with a knot at the top. Add a bead to hide the knot. If you like, you can add more decorations to the mobile.

Felt mobile

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