Søstrene Grene has developed two charming bead patterns inspired by a magical fairy-tale world and easy to make even for the littlest ones. Find the free printable template here.

Creating bead designs is an activity that encourages reflection and creates moments of ‘hygge’ on busy days. Anna treasures such moments, and she is therefore keen to share her printable templates for two of her own delightful bead designs.

Using Anna’s two bead patterns, the little ones can create their own fairy-tale castle and a knight’s horse. The bead patterns can either be placed under the pegboards, or you can encourage the child to count the rows based on the templates.

The bead patterns are inspired by ‘A fairy-tale world for children’, Søstrene Grene’s latest collection of new products for children’s rooms and play corners. Anna and Clara recommend this as a joint project for children and grown-ups.

You can print the template here:

Get Anna and Clara’s delightful bead patterns

Ideas for use of bead creations

Make a decorative mobile
It is important that the children’s creations are not just hidden away in a drawer, but treasured as the beautiful designs they are. A collection of bead designs can be turned into a decorative mobile – for the play room or a bedroom.

Decorative elements
Place the bead designs on a shelf, in a display box or on the desk as decorative elements.

Transform the bead designs into fridge magnets
Glue small magnets onto the back of the bead designs and turn them into fridge magnets – stick them onto your own fridge or use them as little gifts for family or friends.

Get Anna and Clara’s delightful bead patterns


  • Bead patterns
  • Beads in different colours
  • Pegboard, square and transparent
  • Iron
  • Baking paper


1. Place the square transparent pegboard plate on top of the bead pattern.

2. Find beads in different colours and place them on a dish or in a shallow bowl.

3. Let your child follow the chosen pattern, carefully placing the beads in the right places. If you place the pattern under the pegboard, it is easy to see how far you have come.

4. When all the beads have been laid and the bead design is finished, it should be ironed by an adult at medium heat and on both sides. Remember to use baking paper between the iron and the beads.

5. Leave the design to cool down. It is a good idea to place something heavy – like a book – on top to prevent the design from warping.

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