See how creative bloggers have used Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper on walls and in doll’s houses and to create wall art, headboards and even a lampshade.

Creativity is all about seeing possibilities where others see constraints. This is one of the key ideas behind Søstrene Grene’s latest home interiors and lifestyle collection which combines patterns and colours in new and exciting ways.

The ‘With a personal touch’ collection is Anna and Clara’s contribution towards creating vibrant décors and inspiring homes full of ‘hygge’. As something completely new, the sisters have designed three interesting decorative wallpapers for the home, which each in their own way can be used to create uniquely atmospheric home interiors.

Broad stripes from floor to ceiling

The striped decorative wallpaper is both bold and graphic and perfect for adding character and an interplay of colour to the décor.

Golden and repeating pattern

The decorative wallpaper with an abstract floral pattern adds a warm and golden glow, while the muted colour and repeating pattern have a calming effect.

Delicate and colourful dots

The dotted decorative wallpaper is perfect for those who favour subtle and pleasant colour dynamics.

How to use decorative wallpaper
How to use decorative wallpaper
How to use decorative wallpaper

To inspire new ways of using decorative wallpaper, Anna and Clara have teamed up with a number of creative minds from different countries, who have all presented their wonderful ideas on how to use Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper to create an enchanting and personal home.

Create unique wall art and characterful lampshade

Use Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper to create unique art for your walls in the fashion of Danish blogger Monstercircus. Playing with different shapes and stringent lines, you can use the decorative wallpaper to create a truly personal and artistic look. Find the DIY guide here: http://monsterscircus.com/2019/02/diy-wallpaper-art-with-soestrene-grene/

Austrian blogger Creativlive has also used Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper to create wall art. Here, two different decorative wallpapers have been juxtaposed to bring even more colours into play on the wall.

In addition to the wall art, Astrid – who is behind Creativlive – has also used the sisters’ dotted decorative wallpaper to fold an elegant lampshade with a modern look. Find descriptions of both Creativlive’s DIY projects here: https://creativlive.at/2019/02/mit-tapeten-gestalten-und-diy-plissee-lampe.html

French blogger Petitsbonheursduquotidien has mounted two types of decorative wallpaper in a frame to create an enchanting picture for the wall.

She has also wallpapered the bottom of a tray using the sisters’ decorative wallpaper with the abstract, golden flower pattern to create a novel look:

A new look with decorative wallpaper

In the home of Dutch blogger Draadenspijkerhome, character has been added to a room using the striped decorative wallpaper. The result is both dramatically graphic and interestingly colourful. See more photos from the project here: http://www.draadenspijker.com/2019/02/28/voorjaar-bij-sostrene-grene-met-een-verrassend-nieuw-item-in-de-collectie/

The same decorative wallpaper has also been used in the home of German blogger wohnliebelei – not on a whole wall, however, but as an impressive wall feature adding colour and character to the room.

Create a decorative headboard

The Danish couple Signe and Nicolai are behind the Mosegaardsnyeliv profile and have used the wide-striped decorative wallpaper on a low wall below a sloping ceiling. With this ‘headboard effect’, the wall becomes a unifying element.

French blogger 1nouveauregard has also used decorative wallpaper from Søstrene Grene to create a beautiful headboard. Here, the decorative wallpaper has been glued onto a sheet of plywood cut to fit the size of the bed – an easy and effectful technique.

The blogger has also mounted a piece of the same wallpaper in a frame, placed beside the bed. This creates an atmosphere of ‘hygge’ around the bed, acting also as a unifying decorative element.

Decorative animal shapes and enchanting DIY doll House

The sisters’ decorative wallpaper can also be used to create a wonderful animal universe in children’s rooms, as demonstrated here by French blogger Agathedhr. Animals and dinosaurs have been cut out of wallpaper and glued onto the wall using wallpaper paste for a vibrant play corner full of ‘hygge’.

Dutch blogger Donebymyselfblog has used the decorative wallpaper ever so innovatively to wallpaper the inside walls of a fine DIY doll’s house. A perfect project also if you have bits of wallpaper left over from a project. The various wallpaper designs combine beautifully. See how to make the DIY doll’s house here: http://www.donebymyself.nl/do-it-yourself/diy-dollhouse/

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