Carefully crafted with beautiful leather.

“It is easy to tell the house key and car key apart when they are on separate keyrings,” explains Clara.


1. Transfer the template to baking paper, see how on page 5. Trace the template onto the kraft paper. When cutting out the shape, it is a good idea to cut a couple of millimetres outside the line to give yourself more room to work when sewing. You need two identical pieces.

2. Place the two pieces of kraft paper one on top of the other and hold them together with paper clips before sewing along the traced line. Take care not to sew the top of the shape closed. A hole should be left for the leather string. Sew back and forth at the beginning and end to fasten the thread.

3. Now cut off the excess kraft paper and decorate if desired using paint and stamps.

4. Now measure out a length of leather string long enough for the necklace to hang comfortably around your neck. Cut the string to the desired length, add a keyring, then pass the ends of the string through the top of the kraft paper envelope before knotting the ends.

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