Be inspired by Søstrene Grene’s ideas on how to easily create personalised gift boxes for baby showers, birthdays and other special occasions.

There is nothing like a lovingly personalised gift to warm the heart, if you ask Anna and Clara. A personalised gift box is a special way of presenting a special gift for a special person.

As the giver of a personalised gift box, allow plenty of time to pick just the right things – the recipient is sure to treasure a carefully designed box full of gifts selected specially for him or her.

Get inspiration for three different gift boxes – all based on the boxes which you will find in all Søstrene Grene stores. They are available in a multitude of different sizes – perfect for putting together the most gorgeous gift boxes. The box in which the gift is presented is like a gift in itself and ideal for keeping things in afterwards.

Personalised gift boxes for special occasions

Ideas for use of personalised gift boxes

A sweet gift for a baby shower
Take a personalised gift box along to a baby shower to help the future parents prepare for the arrival of their baby. You could, for example, place a towel at the bottom of the box together with a few toys, a baby bowl or plate, a teddy bear and some bath and care products.

A fabulous parent-child gift
Put together a fabulous gift box of products for a parent and child close to your heart. Indulge parent and child with a personalised gift box full of ‘hygge’ – for example, a good tea, a softening hand cream and something sweet to pamper the mother, and a teddy bear for the baby together with one of the products from Søstrene Grene’s bath and care series for babies.

A gift box full of surprises for a child’s birthday party
Put together a wonderful mix of gifts for a child’s birthday party – this is sure to bring joy as it is unwrapped and explored. Choose toys that are sure to delight – like a fun game or a set of decorative wooden figures. Or how about a decorative print-your-own fairy tale in a wooden frame to hang on the wall. No matter what you choose, Clara suggests that you always check
the age recommendations on the things you put in the gift box, before giving it away.

Personalised gift boxes for special occasions


  • Box from Søstrene Grene
  • Selected gifts from different categories



1. Select the box you want to give the gift away in. This is always a good place to start.

2. Place a number of lovely things in the box. Once you have selected a few things, then think carefully about the product categories which you have included, and which may still be missing. It is always a good idea to put together a mix of fun, tasteful and practical products.

3. The box can either be presented to the recipient open, with the lid folded underneath the box – or closed with a ribbon around.

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