Sustainable paper and wood on the agenda at Søstrene Grene

“Paper is even more beautiful when you use it with a clean conscience,” as Anna and Clara say. Paper has a special place in the sisters’ hearts, which is why all paper items in Søstrene Grene’s stores are FSC®-labelled.

A blank piece of paper. It can become anything. Anything in the world. It can be the start of an epic novel. The sketch for an enchanting work of art. It can lead to architectural innovation. A diary filled with hopes and dreams. A love letter or a personal greeting to an old friend. Holding a blank piece of paper or a fresh new notebook in your hand, you are, in fact, also beholding endless opportunities. Limited only by your own imagination.

Notebooks, envelopes and loose sheets of paper have been stocked by Søstrene Grene since the beginning in 1973, and at Søstrene Grene, a love of paper as a versatile and natural material has always been part and parcel of our identity.

To this day, the sisters strongly believe that the quality of paper and its presentation influence how we use it. Similarly, the way the paper has been produced also plays a crucial role.

“At Søstrene Grene, we feel it is important to help take good care of nature and the climate. Using paper and wooden products from sustainable forestry operations and other controlled sources is essential, and we have therefore decided to become FSC® certified. We want to act responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable development,” says Liv Vestergaard, Head of Quality and Compliance at Søstrene Grene.

FSC® is an international labelling scheme for wood and paper. This label certifies that the products come from responsibly managed forests where no more trees are felled than the forests can reproduce. The label also means that animals and plant life are protected in connection with production and that the health and safety of the people working in the forests is ensured.

Today, all paper products as well as the well-known design boxes from Søstrene Grene are FSC®-labelled as are selected wooden products, while all Søstrene Grene’s catalogues are printed on FSC®-certified paper.

“Our ambition is for most of our wooden products to become FSC®-certified, just like our paper products are now.  We work hard every day to achieve this,” says Liv Vestergaard.

Look for the FSC® label next time you visit Søstrene Grene – and let yourself be carried away by the sisters’ enthusiasm for everything you can do with paper. In this way, as a consumer you can contribute to protecting nature and the working conditions in the forests where the trees grow.

Read more about Søstrene Grene’s other labels and certifications here: https://sostrenegrene.com/labels-and-certifications/

Sustainable paper and wood on the agenda at Søstrene Grene

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