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Acorn ornament

Crochet winter decorations for the home. Tip For a bigger acorn, use a bigger crochet hook. The acorn in the image has been made using crochet hooks in sizes 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm. Abbreviations S        stitch Ch     chain stitch Ss      slip stitch Dc     double crochet stitch   Crochet pattern...

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Fun animals

Bring cardboard to life. Yet another idea Reuse one of your old cardboard boxes to make a little house for the animals. Tip These fun animals can also be used as table decorations for a child’s birthday party or as place cards for a christening. Download Method 1. Cut narrow...

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Made from papier mâché and dried flowers. Anna dried flowers from the garden over the summer, and now she has had the brilliant idea to decorate papier mâché bowls with natural beauties. Tip Anna has a big book that she always uses to press and dry flowers. The drying time...

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Just in time for holiday treats. Clara likes to fill Christmas cornets with individually wrapped treats before hanging them on the tree. Download Method 1. Transfer the cornet template to baking paper, see how on page 5. Trace the template onto the kraft paper using a pencil and cut out...

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Gift tags

Gift wrapping with a personal touch. To Anna, a gift can never be personal enough. See how she likes to make handmade paper gift tags. Download Method 1. Combine the papier mâché mixture, see how on page 5. Roll out the papier mâché mixture between two sheets of baking paper...

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Christmas trees and baubles

Beautiful christmas display and window decorations. Tip ”Christmas trees and baubles made of felt and corrugated cardboard go well together as the two materials complement each other nicely,” says Anna. Download Method 1. Transfer the circle template, see how on page 5. Draw approximately 60 circles onto either felt or...

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Magazine rack

A lightweight kraft paper design. Show off your weeklies and magazines in style with Anna and Clara’s wall-mounted magazine rack which makes use of the vertical surfaces in a space. Method 1. First, iron the kraft paper. Now cut out a piece of kraft paper measuring 16x100 cm. This piece...

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Simple elegance. Tip Instead of crocheting the pendant, you can cut out a circle of felt. See Anna’s felt pendant in the colour burgundy. Abbreviations: S             stitch Ch          chain stitch Ss           slip stitch Dc          double crochet stitch   Crochet pattern Crocheted charm: Start by making a magic circle with 6...

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Pendant lamp

Made with love and kraft paper. Anna was inspired by the flowers of late summer when she designed this pendant lampshade. Method 1. Iron the kraft paper. Now cut two pieces of paper measuring 13x30 cm (these are the A pieces) and two pieces measuring 14x30 cm (these are the...

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Creative project with ‘Pouring Paint’

Wonderful shapes and delightful colours come to light when you pour the paint over stone or glass. The sisters kindly point out that when painted, the tumblers are not suited for food nor contact with water. ¿Te ha gustado este post? - Si es así, no olvides compartir con tus...

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Adorable garland

Gifts decorated with garlands. There is nothing more festive than a lovely garland, according to the sisters, who have wrapped garlands of paper flowers and streamers around their gifts. Method 1. Anna has used tags in various shapes for this project. Use the tags you like most. 2. Thread the...

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Hanging christmas tree ornament

Simple and stylish. There is nothing like a beautiful decoration to make you feel all Christmassy, according to Anna. These Christmas trees can be made from leather, felt or some other material. 1. Draw the tree onto a piece of leather, then cut it out. Using punch pliers, make two...

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