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Decorative paper rosettes

Turn paper into art. Here, Anna has created a work of art directly on the wall using colourful paper rosettes – which Clara finds quite exquisite. Method 1. Take out three sheets of design paper. 2. Fold the three sheets into fans. The photos show how to make two rosettes...

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Clay ornaments with pressed patterns

Make adorable hanging decorations with natural motifs. In Clara’s mind, ‘clay’ and ‘play’ are synonymous. What could be more fun than transforming this natural material into little hanging decorations with delicate patterns. Method 1. Knead the clay, then roll it out flat. Gently press patterns into the clay using the...

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Star garland

Make a floating starry sky. Make a pretty starry sky to hang up in the house or on the tree.“Use any colours you like,” says Clara. Method 1. Trace the star onto double-sided design paper and cut out an even number of stars. The number of stars determines the length...

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Christmastree in ring

Enhance the shape of the tree. Anna thinks that the metal ring adds a pretty gold effect to this hanging decoration, which she plans to display in a window. Download 1. Draw and cut out 14 Christmas trees. 2. Fold all the trees in half with the design on the...

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Host and hostess gift

Treats in pretty wrapping. Homemade treats are always a delight, and Anna and Clara therefore love to give sweet gifts wrapped in food-grade boxes and tissue paper. Method 1. Roll out the clay, and create a pattern using your chosen stamp. For instance, you can write the name of the...

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Clay wall hanging

Make a wonderful wall decoration for your home. Be inspired by the sisters’ bold and tasteful choice of colours, which stand out beautifully against a classic white background. Method 1. Knead the clay, then roll it out flat. Make shapes using the clay cutters. Make either one or two holes...

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Leather bowl for odds and ends

Decorative storage. Jewellery, keys, drawing pins or something else entirely – these bowls are ideal for storing all manner of odds and ends, if you ask Clara. You can print the template here: Download Method 1. Trace the templates onto the leather, then cut out the shapes. 2. Mark the...

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Leather key chain

Keep track of your keys. Clara always knows where her keys are – Anna, on the other hand, is not as organised. However, a key chain is very helpful. Method 1. Cut a strip of leather to the desired length for the key chain. Remember the leather will be folded...

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Fabulous creatures

Colourful and full of fun. Play with colours, shapes and beads in this DIY project to make all sorts of imaginative animals. Method 1. Roll out the clay, and cut it into the desired shape using clay cutters or a knife. Simply use your imagination. 2. Insert a screw eye...

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