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Jardín y Flores

Decorate outdoors with a bead flower pennant

Make gardens and balconies festive using ironing beads, bead plates and Anna’s template for flowers and leaves. Hang the colourful bead figures on a string and enjoy the view of the decorative flower pennant, which can stay outside even in rainy weather. You can print the template here: Download List...

Hogar e Interiores

Template: Paper wreath

Create a summery and feminine mood with the sisters’ template for a paper wreath. According to Anna, a picture wall works particularly well when exciting elements are combined, rather than exhibiting all artworks framed and glazed. You can print the template here: Download ¿Te ha gustado este post? - Si...


Make fine gift boxes from reused cardboard

Stylish decorations for your home For Clara, there can be no Christmas without a display of graceful angels. You can print the template here: Download ¿Te ha gustado este post? - Si es así, no olvides compartir con tus amigos:

Fiesta y Decoración

Print-your-own invitations for birthdays, baptisms and other celebrations

With Søstrene Grene’s free print-your-own invitations, it is easy to make personalised invitations with and for children. “There is nothing quite like receiving a personalised invitation to a party,” believes Anna – and with Søstrene Grene’s free print-your-own invitations, it is easy to combine an easy solution with a personal...

Hogar e Interiores

Get Anna and Clara’s delightful bead patterns

Søstrene Grene has developed two charming bead patterns inspired by a magical fairy-tale world and easy to make even for the littlest ones. Find the free printable template here. Creating bead designs is an activity that encourages reflection and creates moments of ‘hygge’ on busy days. Anna treasures such moments,...

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Hilados de arte sobre lienzo en bruto

Se puede usar el hilo para todo tipo de proyectos creativos, y es importante desafiarte a ti mismo, cree Anna. Puedes ver el video completo a través del enlace y déjate inspirar por los dos diseños diferentes de Anna para el arte del hilado, que están creados con hilados en...

Hogar e Interiores Navidad y Vacaciones

DIY – Decoraciones de Pascua para toda la familia.

Encantadores pollitos y adorables conejitos de Pascua, Anna está creando ambas cosas con hilo y cartón, y usted puede crearlos tambien fácilmente. Úselos como decoración de mesa, para colgar en casa o se les puede dar otros usos completamente distintos. Imprimir la plantilla aquí: Download  ¿Te ha gustado este post?...

Fiesta y Decoración

Crear máscaras de disfraces divertidos

Con las plantillas de máscaras para niños y adultos de Anna, es una tarea sencilla hacer tus propias máscaras de disfraces. Es muy divertido reunir a toda la familia para una acogedora actividad decorando las máscaras con plumas, cuentas, calcomanías u otras muchas cosas que se os puedan ocurrir. Puedes...

Catálogo DIY

Hanging christmas tree ornament

Simple and stylish. There is nothing like a beautiful decoration to make you feel all Christmassy, according to Anna. These Christmas trees can be made from leather, felt or some other material. 1. Draw the tree onto a piece of leather, then cut it out. Using punch pliers, make two...

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Sleepy hedgehog

Shhh. The hedgehogs are snoozing. Anna adores the little creatures that have inspired this project. A nice little autumn decoration for your home. Method Download 1. Roll the felt into a cone that fits the size of the pinecone. Glue to hold the felt in place. 2. Embroider eyes on...

Catálogo DIY

Felt mobile

Make a beautiful mobile. Here, Anna has used felt, which is made from 100% wool, making the material a delight to work with.“Good-quality materials and beautiful results go hand in hand,” as Anna says. You can print the template here: Download 1. Transfer the templates of the mushroom, acorn and...

Catálogo DIY

Christmastree in ring

Enhance the shape of the tree. Anna thinks that the metal ring adds a pretty gold effect to this hanging decoration, which she plans to display in a window. Download 1. Draw and cut out 14 Christmas trees. 2. Fold all the trees in half with the design on the...

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