Wrap tech devices in soft textiles.

Protect these fragile devices from scratches by making a sleeve in 100% pure wool. “Both stylish and practical,” as Clara would say.

1. Measure your tablet or smartphone and transfer the measurements to the felt. Add one centimetre to each side and at the bottom. Cut out two pieces of felt.

2. Sew them together using blanket stitches down the sides and along the bottom

3. Cut a small square of leather plus a strip of leather long enough to reach from the back to the front as a closure.

4. Make five holes in the long strip of leather using a leather awl, as shown in the photo. Attach the long piece of leather to the back of the sleeve using embroidery thread.

5. When the long strip of leather is attached to the back, pull it over to the front of the sleeve. Using punch pliers, make a hole in the strip of leather and in the felt where the closure is to be placed. Make a hole in the small piece of leather as well. Divide the buttonhole stud into its two parts. Push the fixing screw part of the buttonhole stud through the small piece of leather, then place it on the inside of the front of the felt sleeve.

6. Now screw on the top part, as shown in the photo.

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