Beautiful christmas display and window decorations.

”Christmas trees and baubles made of felt and corrugated cardboard go well together as the two materials complement each other nicely,” says Anna.


1. Transfer the circle template, see how on page 5. Draw approximately 60 circles onto either felt or corrugated cardboard, then cut them out.

2. Glue on the first circle in the middle of the ball. This is now the top of the ball, and you should work out from here.

3. Now glue on circles in layers all the way around and down the ball. Make sure to place each new layer directly beneath the layer above.

4. When the entire ball is covered with circles, insert the little hanging pin in the first circle on the top of the ball. Squeeze the ends of the pin together, then carefully press them down into the ball. Finish by attaching a ribbon for hanging.

5. If you prefer to use dark felt or corrugated card­board to decorate the Christmas trees or baubles, paint the cones or balls in a matching colour first.

6. The template for the Christmas tree branches can also be found on pages 46-47. Cut out approximately 28 pieces in either felt or corrugated cardboard. While the Christmas bauble is decorated by working top-down, it is easier to decorate the Christmas tree working bottom-up. “Otherwise the principle is the same,” says Anna.

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