Projects we support and believe in


Equal opportunities in life
for girls and boys

UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality

Søstrene Grene has entered into a three-year partnership with Plan International because we want to support and highlight the work being done to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality. In many countries around the world, girls and boys do not enjoy equal opportunities in life, and we are therefore extremely keen to support the important work being done by Plan International to advance the rights of children, in particular girls.

The Søstrene Grene culture is known as the ‘Sister spirit’

Søstrene Grene is a family business, which since its foundation in 1973 has cultivated a feeling of community and family togetherness as a fundamental value. The Søstrene Grene culture is known as the ‘Sister spirit’ and it encourages everybody – men and women – to treat each other like sisters, which means giving, but also committing. Sisters are always there to support and help each other, they make each other stronger, and they take responsibility for each other. However, the ‘Sister spirit’ should not only pervade the Søstrene Grene organisation, and our partnership with Plan International is intended to promote the importance of the ‘Sister spirit’. At Søstrene Grene, we believe that the world will become a better and fairer place, if we all act as sisters to each other.

When sisters support each other, great things happen

Over the next three years, various initiatives will be launched by Søstrene Grene, from which some of the earnings will be donated to Plan International’s work in a number of needy areas of the world. The first initiative will be launched in spring 2019 in all Søstrene Grene stores in the following countries: Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium and the Faroe Islands. Each carton of water sold will trigger a donation to the project. We can also reveal that yet another support project is being planned for autumn 2019.

Clean water is a prerequisite for life

Since 2013, Søstrene Grene has collaborated with the Red Cross on the sale of drinking water in Søstrene Grene stores in Denmark and Norway. Last year alone, we were able to donate DKK 672,442.00 to the Red Cross. This equates to more than 13 million litres of clean water for children and adults who have lost everything. The Red Cross has, among other things, used the means to dispense water purification tablets in disaster-struck areas and to help vulnerable children and families in Denmark and in the world’s focal points.

Every time you, or one you know, buy a bottle of mineral water in Søstrene Grene, it makes a noticeable difference in the world. The price of one bottle of mineral water corresponds to 20 litres of pure water in a disaster area, which means that your bottle of water in the shopping basket helps save lives. It fills us with pride to know that we and our customers help make a wonderful difference for vulnerable people.

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