Passion for papier mâché.

You can also make statuettes that look great in other parts of the house besides the children’s rooms.


1. Inflate a balloon, taking care not to make it too big. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard, fold it into a tube, then tape it to the balloon. Make sure to cover the cardboard with plenty of tape so it does not get too wet when you now apply the papier mâché.

2. Cover the entire surface with papier mâché.

3. Now shape the details of the head. Remember to add extra papier mâché to the back of the head if you add a lot of details to the face to keep the head balanced. If you want to create a bun on the top of the head, make a ball of paper and cover it with papier mâché and then attach it to the head. For the tiger’s nose, Anna used paper cups cut in half.

4. Let the head dry for approximately one week. If small cracks develop as it dries, simply apply a little more papier mâché. Now paint and decorate the head. When the paint is dry, you can add a layer of lacquer, which will extend the lifetime of your creation.

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