Søstrene Grene’s food collection has been developed with a strong focus on great flavours and organic produce. A third of the products are organic.

We can’t eat more, but we can eat better. This is the mantra behind Søstrene Grene’s food collection which is all about the love of food, about sharing meals and about culinary experiences. An ambitious mantra.

To bring it to life, Anna and Clara have worked with food lovers, a former Michelin chef by the name of Torben Bager and pioneers from the worlds of gastronomy and organics to develop unique products that elegantly combine the great joy of eating honest food with quality, aesthetics and local ingredients.

A touch of Michelin

In collaboration with former Danish Michelin chef Torben Bager, Søstrene Grene has developed a wide range of unique delicacies available exclusively from Søstrene Grene. They include vinaigrettes, syrups, pickled vegetables and rich mayonnaises.

Torben Bager was very much part of the gastronomy scene as trends from the Nordic cuisine began to spread around the world. For a number of years, he has also used his skills to interpret gastronomic trends and develop products for the general public.

Focus on organics

A third of the products in Søstrene Grene’s new food collection are organic, and that is no coincidence. Anna and Clara are keen to make it possible for their customers to use organic products in their daily cooking.

Søstrene Grene’s organic products have been developed in collaboration with producers who carry the organic principles in their hearts and who are among the front runners in this field. One example is Aurion, a company based in northern Jutland, Denmark. Aurion has worked with organic and biodynamic grains and cereals since 1974, and is thus the oldest organic mill in Denmark. It was therefore with great confidence that Søstrene Grene started working with Aurion to develop Anna and Clara’s three organic baking mixes as well as a range of crispy granolas and muesli. The baking mixes are based on crops which have been ground in the old-fashioned way, on low-speed stone mills, to retain the quality of the grain as well as the natural vitamins and proteins which are so important to the taste.

In cooperation with another Danish company – Søbogaard – Søstrene Grene has developed a series of organic jams. Søbogaard is a small organic supplier of great-tasting products with a high fruit content. Søbogaard has supplied organic beverages to Søstrene Grene for decades.

Explore selected products from Søstrene Grene’s food collection

Rich mayonnaises

Søstrene Grene’s lemon mayonnaise is made with salted lemons from Morocco. Salted lemons originate from the North African cuisine, and salting is an ancient method of preservation, which adds a sublimely fresh and aromatic flavour. This mayonnaise is particularly good with: Peel-your-own prawns, steamed lemon sole, fried chicken, as a dip for vegetable crudités and with crisps.

Anna and Clara’s mayonnaise with Piment d’Espelette is strongly flavoured without being too hot despite the intense taste of chilli and bell peppers. And that is precisely what Piment d’Espelette peppers do – add a strong flavour without burning. This mayonnaise is particularly good with: Homemade burgers, as a dip for roast potatoes, in sandwiches, for example egg-and-avocado sandwiches, and with oven-baked salmon.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Flavour-enhancing syrups

Syrups can add new and wonderful flavours to food and beverages. The secret behind the syrups is the special method of preparation, whereby a relatively high fruit content contributes to creating a natural taste and perfect consistency. “The right, thick consistency is essential for the perfect result.” Anna and Clara’s syrups are available in four flavours: Caramel & vanilla syrup, Lemon & elderflower syrup, Strawberry & cranberry syrup, Passion fruit & ginger syrup.

The syrups work particularly well as toppings on yoghurt and ‘skyr’, on pancakes, with fruit and berries, as ice-cream toppings, on porridge or as a topping on crumbles. The syrups can also make a magical difference to your beverages – in hot or iced coffee, as flavour enhancers in smoothies and milk shakes or in drinks in general. Try a White Russian with caramel & vanilla syrup, a Gin & Lemon with lemon & elderflower syrup or a Strawberry Daiquiri with strawberry & cranberry syrup.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Pickled vegetables

If you travel along the Mediterranean coast and order a glass of chilled prosecco, it is often served with a bowl of pickled vegetables. Søstrene Grene’s three variants of pickled vegetables are inspired by Nordic cuisine and come in flavourful combinations.

Try Anna and Clara’s pickled carrots in vinegar and sea buckthorn which strike a perfect balance between the sweetness of the carrots and the sourness of the sea buckthorn. The sisters’ pickled beetroot with blackcurrant and aniseed has been pickled in vinegar cooked with green aniseed and flavoured with blackcurrant juice. The beetroot has been cut into sticks to stand out from the classic sliced beetroot. Anna and Clara’s fresh-tasting pearl onions are combined with lemon and sweet elderflower for a crisp bite and an exquisite balance between the floral and sweet elderflower and the fresh, acidic lemon flavour.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Organic jams rich in fruit

Anna and Clara’s jams are fruit-based and sweetened with cane sugar. The result is jam with the characteristic taste of late summer, which is when the sun-ripened fruit and berries are most flavourful due to their high fructose content. One variant is strawberry jam sweetened with apple juice.

The jam variants are perfect ingredients for magical shortcrust ´medals´ combined with the sisters’ custard cream, which is also part of the food collection.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Organic baking mixes, granolas and muesli

The range of organic baking mixes, granolas and mueslis has been developed in collaboration with Aurion. The products are based on organic ingredients and old crops like spelt, Dalar wheat and emmer that are rich in both nutrients and taste. The range includes classic Danish products like organic bread rolls, baguettes and a ryebread mix. The series also includes a pancake mix based on spelt for a nutty taste. And then there are the mueslis and granolas. What is so unique about the sisters’ mueslis and granolas is that all the flakes have been gently roasted for a deeper and better flavour.

Use the granola to make crispy cookies or discover just how easy it is to make tasty focaccias with olive and tomato using the sisters’ baguette mix. The same baking mix can also be used to make sweet seeded pastry with a Nordic twist

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Antipasti series

Søstrene Grene is introducing a selection of delicious antipasti for tapas meals and other cosy get-togethers. Try green olives pickled in brine with white wine vinegar, or black olives from Italy, with a soft and rich consistency. The series also includes Italian caperberries and pickled artichoke hearts, tender but still with a bit of bite.

You might also like Anna and Clara’s olive tapenade with 81% ripe black olives, oil, parsley and garlic. Or try the green Pesto Verde, made with basil, Grana Padano, Pecorino and pine nuts, or the red Pesto Rosso made of juicy tomatoes, basil, vinegar, nuts and pine nuts and seasoned with salt, sugar and garlic. Use the creamy and mild Pesto Verde with pasta, chicken or charcuterie, or try the Pesto Rosso as a marinade for meat, fish and vegetables or mixed with mayonnaise for sandwiches.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences
A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Tasty vinaigrettes

Vinaigrettes can be used emulsified, warm or, of course, cold, as we know them. But especially warm vinaigrettes represent a whole new world of flavours, and Anna and Clara have been looking forward to presenting their four tasty vinaigrettes. Use the truffle vinaigrette with fried mushrooms and either squid or roast pork, or top your salad with the lemon vinaigrette which delicately balances the fresh lemon with the acidity of the vinegar and the richness of the olive oil.

The sesame soy vinaigrette is seasoned with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil and works extremely well with Asian cuisine. Try it with a noodle dish with crispy vegetables and fresh ginger, for example. Last but not least, the sisters’ sherry raspberry vinaigrette, which is made with olive oil, sherry vinegar and natural raspberry extract, is delicious with fried chicken drumsticks, for example.

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences
A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

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