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Anna and Clara’s DIY CATALOGUE 2018
Anna and Clara’s DIY CATALOGUE 2018
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The materials and tools used in this catalogue will be available for sale from Thursday 27 September 2018 and while stocks last – see the overview on page 62. However, the Søstrene Grene stores are regularly stocked with new craft products, both similar products and brand new ones. The colours and designs of new products may vary.

A selection of DIY projects from the catalogue

Three Christmas ornament crochet patterns

Anna loves crocheting, and small projects are done in a twinkling. Many evening hours are often spent making dainty crochet creations from yarn, and these days she is busy crocheting Christmas ornaments. Anna has decided to share three sweet and free crochet patterns with you. Now, it is up to...
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Felt mobile

Make a beautiful mobile. Here, Anna has used felt, which is made from 100% wool, making the material a delight to work with.“Good-quality materials and beautiful results go hand in hand,” as Anna says. You can print the template here: Download 1. Transfer the templates of the mushroom, acorn and...
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Decorative paper rosettes

Turn paper into art. Here, Anna has created a work of art directly on the wall using colourful paper rosettes – which Clara finds quite exquisite. Method 1. Take out three sheets of design paper. 2. Fold the three sheets into fans. The photos show how to make two rosettes...
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Clay wall hanging

Make a wonderful wall decoration for your home. Be inspired by the sisters’ bold and tasteful choice of colours, which stand out beautifully against a classic white background. Method 1. Knead the clay, then roll it out flat. Make shapes using the clay cutters. Make either one or two holes...
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Trivets made of clay

Anna wishes to protect her dining table in a decorative way. That is why, she has created fine, colourful trivets made of clay. Materials: Self-hardening clay, 500g EUR 3.64 Varnish, 50 ml. EUR 2.22 Acrylic paint, Price per six-pack from EUR 2.79 *RRP The materials and tools used will be...
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Flying angel

Stylish decorations for your home For Clara, there can be no Christmas without a display of graceful angels. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Steel wire EUR 0.97 Decor yarn EUR 2.54 Wooden beads EUR 1.24 Filling EUR 1.26 Felt sheet EUR 1.98 Transparent sheets EUR 1.32 Paper...



Anna and Clara do all they can to inspire others, and the sisters hope that you will help. Use #grenediy to share photos of your creative projects on Instagram and inspire other DIY enthusiasts like yourself.

Embrace the season of
‘hygge’ and creativity

In the early afternoon, Anna and Clara are sitting at their kitchen table, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Anna is crocheting, while Clara is reading a new novel. They listen to the gentle sound of the rain against the window, which reminds them both of last autumn. ‘Hygge’, family and creative projects – these are the things which both Anna and Clara associate with autumn.

The idea of doing a catalogue with some of Anna’s best DIY creations came to the sisters on a rainy day like this one. After carefully studying Anna’s hands – which were as usual engaged in some creative pursuit – Clara suggested that Anna might share her ideas with other creative people in a catalogue.

The result is the creative catalogue you are reading now.

The aim of Anna and Clara’s DIY catalogue is to provide inspiration all year round for fun projects for arts and crafts lovers of all ages. The sisters’ appreciation of natural materials is clearly reflected in the choice of materials for the projects. They have chosen to concentrate on four basic materials: self-hardening clay, leather, felt and paper.

However, you will also find projects using yarn, beads, pipe cleaners and much more. Anna and Clara hope that you will feel inspired by their creative catalogue. Remember to use #grenediy when posting photos of the projects you choose to make so the sisters can admire your creativity.

We hope you have a creative time exploring our catalogue!

Kind regards, Anna and Clara