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The products shown will be available for sale from Thursday 28 June 2018 – except for the desk and the office chair, which will be available for sale from Friday 20 July 2018.


It is not long ago that Anna and Clara first heard about the concept of bullet journals, which is a new and flexible calendar system which you can make yourself. All you need is a notebook and something to write with. The sisters are fascinated by the simplicity of the concept, and they have therefore invited three enthusiastic bullet journal bloggers to create inspiring examples of how they do their own personal bullet journals. Anna and Clara hope that you will feel as inspired as they did.

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THE SISTERS ARE FASCINATED BY Graphic prints and geometrical shapes

At first sight, the sisters’ home may appear all quiet and deserted this summer’s morning, but the classical music flowing softly from their rooms is a sure sign that both Anna and Clara are indeed at home. In fact, both sisters are deep in thought at their desks in their shared home office.

The ever-creative Anna is busy designing new pieces of furniture and patterns for future collections, while the practical Clara is tapping away at her calculator to make sure that all these wonderful new finds will be favourably priced. Anna’s desk is overflowing with colour samples and drawings. Clara, on the other hand, prefers her workspace to be clear and tidy.

“An attractive home office must have all the elements that make you happy and comfortable,” say the sisters, who are both keen advocates of surrounding oneself with fine things which bring out joy and creativity. Remember to only ever choose furniture, tools and utensils, colours and decorative items which you know will bring you joy as you behold them.

A stylish and charming office

This season Anna and Clara are pleased to present a delightful, Nordic office collection inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and thereabouts. Simple geometrical motifs – like the cylinder, the cube and the triangle – are recurring shapes in the prints and products which the sisters have carefully selected.

The collection, which includes hardcover notebooks, ring binders and a variety of writing utensils, also comprises a stylish desk, a sculptural lamp, a gracious office chair and lots more. You will see that the paper-based products in the collection are FSC®-certified to highlight the sustainable origins of the materials. Look for the FSC® logo displayed in connection with the certified products.

In the catalogue, you can also find tips for decorating your home and ideas for your home office – and read about why four creative bloggers are so fascinated by the ‘bullet journal’ concept. Moreover, the final section of the catalogue shows a selection of office supplies for children’s rooms as well as fun drawing exercises for creative souls.

The sisters hope you have an absolutely wonderful time exploring the catalogue!

Kindest regards, Anna and Clara