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DIY – Scrunchies

With the sisters’ patchwork fabric or fabric remains from previous projects, you can easily make sweet scrunchies. Cut the fabric 50 cm by 10 cm and cut a 20 cm elastic cord. See more in the video, where Anna shows you how to use a sewing machine to transform the...

Accessories Yarn and Recipes

Personal and practical bag for knitting and crochet projects

On Anna and Clara’s travels, Anna always brings her knitting and crochet projects so her desire to create can run free on the road as well. The bag makes it easy to bring the yarn projects. There is a hole for the yarn, and the compartments inside the bag keep...

Accessories Yarn and Recipes

Get a free crochet pattern for charming clutch

Create a personalised crochet clutch in your favourite colours with the sisters’ tube yarn which gives a nice, soft result. “The clutch is also a wonderful and personal gift idea,” Anna tells. You can print the pattern here: Download Materials: Anna and Clara’s tube yarn, 3 x 50 g balls...


How to make a bag strap

Make a personalised strap for your bag, where you can customise length, colours and hooks for a personal expression. You do not have to be experienced with sewing to make a bag strap like Anna’s, and this way, you can easily repair your favorite bag or give an old bag...


Safe baby care with new bath and care series

Søstrene Grene is presenting its first series of indulgent bath and care products for the youngest members of the family. The series is gentle on the skin and produced in Denmark – a safe choice for both baby and parents. It should be easy to make a safe choice when...


Shopper with print and embroidery

You can buy shoppers with motifs, but you can, of course, also decorate your own bags. Anna definitely recommends doing your own, which is why she has been busy painting and embroidering cotton shoppers. Ideas for use of cotton shoppers Anna uses cotton shoppers for a wealth of different purposes:...


The sisters’ skin care line

Anna and Clara’s new product line for skincare and shower is available in three unique variants. Read about scents, labels and assortment here. Anna and Clara greatly appreciate the moments when everything is calm and a feeling of hygge arises. Luscious care products can make all the difference in those...


Make your own bead bracelets

The nieces are overjoyed at the fine bracelets Anna has made for them, and they look forward to showing their friends the homemade accessories. In the video, you can see how you can make the sweet bracelets with little pearl flowers. Materials: Beads EUR 0,94 Beading thread EUR 1,24 DIY...


Bead Loom

How to use a bead loom. In the video, Anna guides you through how to assemble and use your bead loom. Materials: Bead loom EUR 5,60 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 41 2018 and while supplies last. Did you like this post? – please...


Homemade bead loom bracelets

By means of a bead loom, you can make both narrow and broad bracelets in every pattern and colour combination. In the video, Anna shows you how to make the bracelets yourself. Materials: Bead Loom EUR 5,60 Beads EUR 0,94 Beading thread EUR 1,24 DIY closers and locks EUR 1,19...


Make pipe cleaner stamps

Making fine, little stamps from pipe cleaners can be a cosy project the whole family can take part in, Anna thinks. In the video, you can see how you can shape the pipe cleaners into creative motifs. Materials: Pipe cleaners, price per pack  EUR 1,08 Acrylic paint, prices from EUR...


Personal key ring

Anna has used the afternoon creating little, personal key rings for the nephew Hilmer. Watch the video and discover how you can do the same. Materials: Key ring,  price per pack EUR 1,24 Clay, price per pack EUR 3,42 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week...


Tips for packing your suitcase

Clara likes to pack and organise her suitcase before leaving. Watch the video and get tips and tricks for packing the travelling suitcase. Materials: Toilet bag EUR 4,03 / GBP 3,94 Flip flops EUR 4,06 / GBP 4,06 Reuseable travel bottle EUR 1,96 / GBP 1,96 *RRP Find the items...


Foldable rucksack

A rucksack is indispensable on both short and longer trips, Clara thinks. Watch the video and discover how you can easily unfold the sisters’ new rucksack. Materials: Rucksack EUR 8,44 / GBP 8,38 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 18, 2018 and while supplies last....


DIY – Patches

Add a personal touch to your clothes with sweet and fun patches. Have a look at the video and allow yourself to be inspired by how Anna has decorated a simple t-shirt. INSTRUCTIONS Spray water on the back of the logo embroidery. Place the logo embroidery on the garment. Set...


DIY – Jewellery box

Anna has spent the weekend creating an elegant and unique jewellery box. Have a look at the video and discover how you can create a personal jewellery box. Materials: Felt, price per pack EUR 1,98 Box, prices from EUR 1,13 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...


DIY – Creative display for your glasses

Anna has spent the morning creating a lovely display, so Clara easily and in an elegant fashion can organise her glasses. Materials: Frames, prices from EUR 2,79 Glasses, prices from EUR 2,76 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 35, 2017 and while supplies last. Did...

Accessories Home and Interior

DIY – Embroidered keychains and jewellery

A lovely, little embroidery project for adults and children alike, Anna smiles. Have a peek at the video in which Anna shows how you can embroider personal keychains and jewellery. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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