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Søstrene Grene’s CSR policy

Søstrene Grene’s Code of Conduct

Even though Søstrene Grene sells items at affordable prices, a sense of social responsibility can be found behind each product. Our actions affect the world around us, and that gives us a strong sense of responsibility.

Ethical responsibility is an area that requires constant attention, and Søstrene Grene therefore has a number of requirements that our suppliers must meet. To clarify these requirements, we have prepared a set of ethical guidelines – a Code of Conduct – that all our suppliers must commit and live up to. In this Code of Conduct, the suppliers are obligated to comply with a number of requirements regarding, e.g., working conditions, compliance with local laws and environmental impact. Among other things, the suppliers guarantee that they do not make use of child labour, that they meet environmental regulations and that their employees are afforded safe and secure working conditions.

Read Søstrene Grene’s full CSR policy (PDF)

Søstrene Grene performs inspections to ensure supplier compliance

Søstrene Grene’s CSR Department performs regular inspections at the suppliers’ facilities. In addition to these inspections, Søstrene Grene hires local certified CSR consultants to ensure that suppliers live up to our Code of Conduct.

The process has shown that many of our most important suppliers already meet the international standards established by the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). However, in the process we have also discovered unfit conditions among certain suppliers. In such situations, we take up the matter together, in order that all our suppliers live up to our Code of Conduct. In all respects, we work to ensure that you can have complete faith in shopping at Søstrene Grene.

Product safety

Søstrene Grene demands full documentation on all product types from all suppliers. In the EU and in individual Member Countries (under national law) there are requirements for testing and documentation for the majority of product types. There are also further requirements under REACH (the EU legislation on chemicals) for the content of chemical substances in consumer products. Søstrene Grene products do not contain any substances that are included on the EU candidate list (of Substances of Very High Concern).

Søstrene Grene is a partner of the Red Cross

For several years, Søstrene Grene has worked closely with the Red Cross. By selling Red Cross water bottles and Red Cross string bags, Søstrene Grene raises money for charitable causes. Anna and Clara donate DKK 1 for every product sold. In the 2014/2015 accounting year, Søstrene Grene donated a total of DKK 585,882.

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