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FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers

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Contact information

Generally, it is only possible to contact Søstrene Grene shops in person. Go into your local Søstrene Grene shop and speak to a member of staff.

No, you cannot contact Søstrene Grene stores or the head office by telephone.

Lost items


No. No overview of Søstrene Grene’s products exists since the assortment changes from week to week. However, by visiting Søstrene Grene’s Facebook and Instagram @sostrenegrene pages, you will learn about some of the current items that should be available in all Søstrene Grene shops.

Søstrene Grene cannot provide information on whether a specific item is in stock in a certain shop or in the warehouse, since we do not have a shop inventory monitoring system. The best option is therefore to visit your nearest Søstrene Grene shop and ask a member of staff.

Depending on the product, it may be possible for shop staff to order a specific item for you from the Søstrene Grene central warehouse. Ask at your local Søstrene Grene shop.

Søstrene Grene’s wooden crates are generally not for sale. Sometimes, however, individual stores will sell old crates when these need to be replaced. Please ask the staff at your nearest Søstrene Grene store.

No. It is not possible to pre-order items at Søstrene Grene.

Exchange and return of items

At Søstrene Grene, you can exchange any product(s)* you have bought within 14 days of the date of purchase. The product(s) must be unused, and you must present the original receipt. You decide whether you want a refund or whether you would like to exchange the product for another item.

Please note that any Christmas presents bought from Søstrene Grene during the period from 24 October to 23 December this year can be exchanged up until 15 January in the new year. Just remember to bring your receipt.

Our exchange service is nationwide. This means that you can exchange products in any Søstrene Grene store in the same country.

* For reasons of hygiene, food products cannot be exchanged.

Søstrene Grene’s voluntary labels

In Søstrene Grene, you can find several products that are labelled or certified by various official authorities and organisations within health, environment and sustainability.

Here, you can read about the individual labels and certifications.


You must be at least 16 years of age and have completed your elementary education in order to be able to apply for a job in a Søstrene Grene shop.

You can deliver your application and CV in person to the shop staff of the Søstrene Grene shop in which you wish to work. Otherwise, you can fill in the online application form. Follow these instructions.

Fill in this online application form to apply for a job in a Søstrene Grene shop that has not yet opened.


Irrespective of the issue, complaints are handled in Søstrene Grene shops by the shop staff. Therefore, please go to your local Søstrene Grene shop and speak to the staff.


No, it is not possible to buy Søstrene Grene products online.

Delivery to the door

No, Søstrene Grene products cannot be delivered.


No, it is not possible to apply for sponsorships. For several years, Anna and Clara have supported Red Cross through the sales of water bottles and shopping bags in the stores in Scandinavia. You can read more about this here. By focusing the effort in this manner, the administrative expenses are kept at a minimum which makes it possible for Søstrene Grene to donate the largest possible sum to the good cause.

That is why Søstrene Grene as a rule does not offer further sponsorships.

Product safety

Yes. Søstrene Grene has created guidelines, which all suppliers must follow and which cover accountability and best practice for employees and the organisation. The guidelines are laid down in the Søstrene Grene Code of Conduct.

Yes. In the EU and in individual Member Countries (under national law) there are requirements for testing and documentation for the majority of product types. There are also further requirements under REACH (the EU legislation on chemicals) for the content of chemical substances in consumer products.

Søstrene Grene demands full documentation on all product types from all suppliers. Products are tested regularly so that Søstrene Grene can verify that the relevant product meets requirements and complies with legislation.

Yes. The supplier is required to fill out a materials list for each order, describing product components in detail. Based on the material components and product type, Søstrene Grene then decides which tests and documentation are required for the product in question.

In all respects, Søstrene Grene endeavours to ensure that you as a customer can feel confident when buying from Søstrene Grene. This is why we work actively to prevent errors by running tests and setting strict requirements.

No, Søstrene Grene products may not under any circumstances contain chemical substances that could be harmful to the health and safety of the consumer. Søstrene Grene always demands full documentation of the composition of the product.

In all respects, Søstrene Grene endeavours to ensure that you as a customer can feel confident when buying from Søstrene Grene.

No: Søstrene Grene products do not contain any substances that are included on the EU candidate list (of Substances of Very High Concern).

In all respects, Søstrene Grene endeavours to ensure that you as a customer can feel confident when buying from Søstrene Grene.

Gift cards

No, we do not currently offer gift cards at Søstrene Grene, because this would entail a major change in the till system. Anna and Clara suggest that instead, you use your creative side to make an attractive little ‘gift card’ with a greeting. This is bound to be welcomed!

Although Søstrene Grene is not currently issuing new gift cards, you can of course redeem a gift card issued previously.

Søstrene Grene gift cards are valid for five years from the date of issue. You can redeem the gift card at any Søstrene Grene store within the country in which the gift card was issued.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.


Søstrene Grene’s prices are set as low as possible and typically odd amounts are involved. When paying by credit card, the amount debited will be the exact (odd) amount. However, if paying cash, the amount is rounded to the nearest cent. Rounding when paying cash is regulated under the Danish Coinage Act which is administered by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.


On our franchise page there is an application guide and form which you should read and complete in order to apply to become a franchisee at Søstrene Grene.

Questions relating to leases on shop premises reserved for Søstrene Grene, may be addressed using the contact form “Potential shop premises” on the franchise page.


No. As a rule, Søstrene Grene does not disclose information about suppliers.

Personal data

All processing of personal data, which is generated via Søstrene Grene’s website, will be done in accordance with national law on the processing of personal data. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third parties unless Søstrene Grene has received your explicit consent hereto or the law requires it.

Contact Søstrene Grene

If you have any questions, feedback or comments that are not answered in the FAQ list, you are most welcome to contact Søstrene Grene using the forms below. You cannot telephone Søstrene Grene.

Anna and Clara kindly ask that communication should be in person with staff at the shop.

Apply for a job at Søstrene Grene

To apply for jobs at Søstrene Grene, you must visit our jobs page. This explains the application procedure.

Jobs at Søstrene Grene

With kind regards,
Søstrene Grene

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about a product, you must refer it to your local Søstrene Grene store.

With kind regards,
Søstrene Grene

Apply to became a franchisee

If you would like to become a Søstrene Grene franchisee, you should visit the page on Franchises. This page details applying for and becoming a franchisee, and includes an online form.

Visit the franchises page

With kind regards,
Søstrene Grene

How to contact the Søstrene Grene head office

If you did not find an answer to your question in the FAQ, please fill in the form below. This can be done in any of the following languages: English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.

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