Get a free crochet recipe for charming clutch

Create a personalised crochet clutch in your favourite colours with the sisters’ tube yarn which gives a nice, soft result. “The clutch is also a wonderful and personal gift idea,” Anna tells.

You can print the pattern here:


  • Anna and Clara’s tube yarn, 3 x 50 g balls
  • Crochet hook, size 8.00 mm.



ch                  chain
dc                  double crochet
ss                   slip stitch


Make a loop and work 15 chains (ch). Set a stitch marker in the last ch.


Rd 1: Turn and work 14 double crochets (dc). To increase, work 3 dc in 15th ch.
Continue on the other side of the chain. Work 13 dc. To increase, work 3 dc in 14th ch.

Rd 2: Continue working in the round. Work 14 dc, 3 dc in 15th dc, 16 dc, 3 dc in 17th dc.

Continue working in the round with no dc increase. Work 10 rounds from the side with the stitch marker.

Work 5 dc from dc with stitch marker. Work 8 ch (strap 1). Then work 1 dc in the 9th dc from hook, work 9 dc, 8 ch (strap 2), 5 dc. You end back on the side with the stitch marker.

Next rd: dc (also over both straps).

Next rd: slip stitches (ss).

Weave in ends.

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