A lightweight kraft paper design.

Show off your weeklies and magazines in style with Anna and Clara’s wall-mounted magazine rack which makes use of the vertical surfaces in a space.


1. First, iron the kraft paper. Now cut out a piece of kraft paper measuring 16×100 cm. This piece will be the strip that makes up the base of the magazine holder. Then cut out three pieces of kraft paper, each measuring 11×60 cm. These pieces will be the strips which will hold the magazines.

2. On the large piece of paper, mark off where the three smaller pieces of paper are to be sewn on. See the illustration.

3. Sew on the three smaller pieces of kraft paper.

4. If the cardboard tube you are using is too long, you can cut it down to size using a saw. Anna has used the cardboard tube that comes inside the roll of kraft paper when you buy it. The tube should have a maximum length of 16 cm.

5. Paint the cardboard tube in a colour that matches the kraft paper.

6. Bend the top of the base of the magazine holder to create a pocket, and make sure that the cardboard tube fits inside. Hold the paper in place with a few paper clips, then sew it together all the way across.

7. Now tuck the cardboard tube inside the pocket, then pass some leather string through the tube and knot the ends together. For a stronger hanger, you can use two pieces of leather string.

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