Simple elegance.

Instead of crocheting the pendant, you can cut out a circle of felt. See Anna’s felt pendant in the colour burgundy.


S             stitch

Ch          chain stitch

Ss           slip stitch

Dc          double crochet stitch


Crochet pattern

Crocheted charm:

Start by making a magic circle with 6 dc.

Row 1: (2 dc in next s) x 6 [12].

Row 2: (1 dc, 2 dc in next s) x 6 [18].

Row 3: (1 dc, 2 dc in next dc, 1 dc) x 6 [24]

Finish with a slip stitch, and hide both yarn tails.


1. Cut the chain to the desired length. Attach the clasp to the chain.

2. Using the flat-nose pliers, now open the O-ring and attach the crocheted charm you have just made, as well as a metal pendant of your choice. Remember to insert the chain through the O-ring before closing the O-ring using the flat-nose pliers.

You have now made a piece of jewellery for yourself or one of your loved ones.

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