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Quality and product safety

High priority to quality and product safety

It is important to us that our customers have full faith in the products they find at Søstrene Grene. That is why we give very high priority to quality and product safety. Our customers must be able to trust that they are buying products that do not pose any risk to their health and safety.

Requirements for testing and documentation

In the EU and in the individual Member Countries, there are requirements for testing and documentation for the majority of product types (toys, foodstuff contact materials, electronics, cosmetics, textiles, eye glasses, chemical products, etc.). There are also additional requirements under REACH (the EU’s overriding legislation on chemicals) for the content of chemical substances in general consumer products.

To ensure that our suppliers meet these requirements, we always demand full documentation for the make-up of the products. We must know what materials are used and the chemical composition of certain product types. When we have this information, we are better able to determine which types of tests and documentation are needed.

Requirements set for our suppliers

At Søstrene Grene, we are not only interested in complying with the laws, as we also want to be at the forefront of any regulatory legislation. We are required to remain abreast of any matters affecting the area of health and safety, and we prefer addressing potential initiatives before they are adopted as law. That is why the requirements we set for our suppliers are, in many cases, more stringent than those prescribed by law.

At Søstrene Grene, we have, for example, opted to prohibit the use of particularly problematic substances that appear on the EU’s candidate list of substances of very high concern. This is just one of the requirements our suppliers must meet. Many of the substances are permitted in various product types, but the consumer has the right to know if they are present. As these substances are highly problematic (they may, among other things, be carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive), in no way do we wish to see these present in our products. We are actively working with our suppliers to ensure that such substances are eliminated.

With these considerations in mind, we unfortunately cannot test every single product, as we purchase each product in very high volumes. However, we always do everything in our power to prevent mistakes, and we take quick action whenever we become aware of a potential mistake. In such cases, we communicate actively with our customers if a problem has occurred with an order.

In all respects, we work actively to ensure that you as a customer can feel confident when shopping at Søstrene Grene.

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The glass may crack if exposed to sudden strong heat. It is therefore recommended that you preheat the glass by rinsing it in warm water (40-50°C), before the glass is filled with boiling water or food. You can put a metal spoon in the glass before filling it with boiling liquid. The metal leads the heat away from the glass and can prevent the glass from cracking.