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Party and Decoration

Creative table decorations for the wedding

Use home-made decorations to set an enchanting table for the wedding, birthday or another festive occasion to be celebrated. Here is a simple idea for a light decoration which will add height to the table setting. List of materials for this DIY project: Steel wire Paper decorations and stickers Glue...

Party and Decoration

A guest tree souvenir from the big day

Give the bride and groom a souvenir from the big day by creating a guest tree where all guests add their personal touch. Thus, the guest tree will be a memory of the guests who were part of their big day. Anna reminds that the guest tree also can be...

Christmas and Holidays

Make Easter baskets with recycled materials

Reuse juice cartons and turn them into Easter baskets that can be filled with sweet Easter treats. The basket is both a fine gift idea and an alternative to the traditional Easter egg. This is a fun and creative DIY project for larger children who will enjoy drawing, cutting, painting...

Party and Decoration

Personal decorations with pictures

Add soul and warmth to the party setting by decorating with pictures and loving memories. Let the festive garland with pictures embellish the room, and display the pictures on the table to welcome the guests. List of materials for this DIY project: Garland: Pictures in size 7x9 cm. Søstrene Grene’s...

Party and Decoration

Lay the table with a loving thought

Add a loving thought to your guests when laying the table, with a small box containing, for example, a handwritten note, some sweets or festive decorations. Watch more in the video and discover how the expression changes depending on the type of box. Did you like this post? – please...

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