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Three Christmas ornament crochet patterns

Anna loves crocheting, and small projects are done in a twinkling. Many evening hours are often spent making dainty crochet creations from yarn, and these days she is busy crocheting Christmas ornaments. Anna has decided to share three sweet and free crochet patterns with you. Now, it is up to...

Home and Interior

Fold your own paper cactuses

If you do not have green fingers, artificial plants can easily work as decorative elements in your home decor. Have a peek at the video in which paper cactuses are being made. Materials: Cardboard, price per pack EUR 1,38 Plant stand, price per item EUR 8,99 *RRP Find the items...

Home and Interior

DIY – Make your own wedding invitations

When the invitations are handmade, the party will turn out even better, believes Anna. Allow yourself to be inspired by the video on how to make romantic invitations for that special day. Materials: Invitations, price per pack EUR 1,82 Envelopes, price per pack EUR 1,39 Doilies, price per pack EUR...

Home and Interior

DIY – Ready-to-assemble ornaments

“Bring nature’s treasures indoors and display them in transparent ornaments,” Anna suggests. What do you wish to display in the little decoration baubles? Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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