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Party and Decoration

How to make a festive New Year’s wreath

“The joy of anticipation is wonderful,” as Anna says. Prepare for the New Year’s celebration by creating a festive New Year’s wreath that can be saved and used year after year. The wreath is most suitable for indoor use, Clara tells. List of materials for this DIY project: Anna and...

Christmas and Holidays

Relive good memories from 2018

Decorate your New Year’s table with small reflection cards that bring memories of all the fun and joyful moments the past year has offered. The cards can get good talks going and are an opportunity to relive great memories, Clara believes. You can print the template here: Download Did you...

Party and Decoration

Creative napkin folding

Napkins have lots of different applications, if you ask Anna. In the video, you can see how Anna folds napkins as beautiful lotus flowers and fills them with delicious treats. Materials: Napkins, price per pack EUR 1,29 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 37 2018...

Party and Decoration

Homemade cake decoration

Charming paper flowers on top of your home-baked goods is the finishing touch, if you ask Anna. In the video, you can see Anna cutting paper flowers for decoration of the cake and the table. Materials: Design paper, 20x20cm  EUR 2,08 Straws, price per pack  EUR 0,88 *RRP Find the...

Party and Decoration

Creative fruit dish

When Hilmer has playmates visiting, they get very excited when Anna serves them an irresistible fruit platter. In the video, you can see Anna decorating the plate with fruit and vegetables. “If the fruit platter is served for smaller children the grapes must be cut in halves,” Clara friendly notes....

Party and Decoration

Decorative table arrangements

Create joy among the dear little ones with sweet and decorative table arrangements. In the video, you can see how you can easily set the table in a more festive way. Materials: Paper cup, 8 pcs EUR 1,39 Paper, price per pack EUR 0,83 Felt balls, price per pack EUR...

Party and Decoration

Create ’hygge’ with rice paper lanterns

For the next summer party, Anna recommends that you create ‘hygge’ with colourful rice paper lanterns. Watch the video and get inspiration for decorating rice paper lanterns with little flowers. Materials: Rice paper lanterns, price per pack EUR 0,92 Little flowers, price per pack EUR 1,24 *RRP Find the items...

Party and Decoration

Personal cake stand

Your old, personal plates can easily get a new function, if you ask Anna. Watch the video and discover how you can make a decorative cake stand for sweets. Materials: Tray stand, price per pack EUR 4,06 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 24, 2018...

Party and Decoration

Decorative seating plan

For the big summer parties, it is great to have a seating plan which is both beautiful and easy to solve, thinks Anna. Have a look at the video in which Anna’s festive seating plan is made. Materials: Frame, price per item EUR 2,79 Manila tags, price per pack EUR...

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