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Party and Decoration

Get a free template for lovely New Year’s napkin rings

New Year’s Eve is moving ever closer, and the sisters enjoy offering a helping hand for setting the New Year’s table. Follow the link and find Anna’s simple template for the lovely napkins rings which only require that you print, cut and arrange the festive napkin rings around the linen...

Party and Decoration

How to create festive New Year’s decorations from reused gift-wrapping paper and ribbon

“You can save gift-wrapping paper and ribbon from the Christmas gifts with advantage,” Anna tells. With this and Anna’s template, you can create decorative New Year’s rockets which will embellish the New Year’s table or be used for small gifts for your guests as shown in the video. Download List...

Food and Recipes

How to make neat New Year’s desserts

After Christmas awaits another celebration and Anna suggests that you arrange this year’s New Year’s dessert in a glass with an edible, crispy lid. Garnish the dessert with the sisters’ sprinkles, cake decorations and fondant roses. The roses are easily created by using the sisters’ fondant cutter for roses. Did...

Party and Decoration

How to make a festive New Year’s wreath

“The joy of anticipation is wonderful,” as Anna says. Prepare for the New Year’s celebration by creating a festive New Year’s wreath that can be saved and used year after year. The wreath is most suitable for indoor use, Clara tells. List of materials for this DIY project: Anna and...

Party and Decoration

How to make colourful snakes for Halloween

Let the children help with this year’s Halloween decorations. Print Anna's template with swirled snakes, gather the family to decorate them and make it a cosy family time to prepare for the season’s festivities. You can print the template here: Download Download Did you like this post? – please do...

Party and Decoration

How to make decorative and ‘dangerous’ boxes for Halloween festivities

The boxes can both contain tasteful treats for your guests, be used for storing collected sweets and as a fun part of the table setting. Warm up for Halloween by letting the little ones make their own monsters of reused cardboard boxes. List of materials for this DIY project: Reused...

Food and Recipes

Host a children’s birthday party with no added sugar

There are many ways to create a festive birthday table which does not need added sugars. Use sweet cookie cutters to cut fruits, make fruit skewers using the sisters’ reusable straws or create an appetising ice-cream cone of fresh fruits and natural banana waffles. Did you like this post? –...

Party and Decoration

A guest tree souvenir from the big day

Give the bride and groom a souvenir from the big day by creating a guest tree where all guests add their personal touch. Thus, the guest tree will be a memory of the guests who were part of their big day. Anna reminds that the guest tree also can be...

Party and Decoration

Make personal decorations for the wedding

Making big facilities festive and ready for the wedding party can be challenging. Anna, however, knows just how to create personal decorations with great effect. You can personalise large rice paper lamps with the bride and groom’s initials, thus decorating a beautiful wedding party where the decorations will impress. List...

Food and Recipes

Simple cake decoration with isomalt

“Isomalt is not as difficult to use as most people imagine,” Anna explains. Even as a beginner, you can easily use isomalt to create fine and personal decorations for your cakes. Tip: Decorate the isomalt flakes with the sisters’ sprinkles while still warm. When the flakes are cold, they can...

Party and Decoration

Invitations for children and adults alike

The sisters’ design paper, tags and stickers make it easy to create personal invitations, which call for joyful moments. “Set your creativity free and play with colours, shapes and patterns,” Anna suggests. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Party and Decoration

Create personal invitations

Invite family and friends to share big moments and festive occasions with you. At Søstrene Grene, you will find all you need to create floral invitations which, according to Anna, bubble with joy. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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