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Christmas and Holidays

Cut precious paper cuttings for spring

Anna has always been fond of paper cuttings, and springtime is an eternal source of inspiration to her. “Paper cutting can create wonderful moments of contemplation,” she says. Do like Anna and cut out dainty paper cuttings. You can personalise the paper cuttings with little poems or notes, or you...

Home and Interior

Colour friendly snakes for decorative hanging

Give the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in colouring with this cosy project that requires very few tools. Let the little ones decorate and colour the snakes, cut them out and hang them for decoration in the child’s room or somewhere else in the home that could use a...

Christmas and Holidays Yarn and Recipes

Knit sweet egg cosies for the Easter table

Soft-boiled eggs are a must on the Easter table, the sisters believe. For this reason, Anna has knitted these egg cosies which creates an Easter atmosphere and keeps the eggs warm at the same time. “A manageable Easter project for those fond of knitting,” Anna says. Materials: Anna and Clara’s...

Party and Decoration

Lively dragon

The mischievous flying dragon invites all knights to experience the mysterious magic of its den. “And you are invited too,” Anna and Clara explain. You can print the template here: Download Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Party and Decoration

Fun treasure hunt

“Invite your guests on a fun treasure hunt dotted with delightful finds along the way,” says Clara. On the sisters’ blog you can find a list of treasures to be collected. The list can be glued onto a gift bag. Your guests can then use the bag to collect their...

Yarn and Recipes

Sleep mask

A sleep mask can be both practical and fine, and Anna knows that Clara loves wearing one. That is why she has come up with this wonderful pattern to suit Clara’s taste. You can make one too, together with your guests or in your own company. For the sleep mask,...

Home and Interior Yarn and Recipes

Get a free printable template for creating wonderful yarn embroideries on paper

“With yarn you can add characteristic art to your gallery wall,” tells Anna, who has created two templates for elegant yarn embroideries on paper. “You can profitably use yarn remains from previous creative pursuits for this project,” Clara can tell. You can print the template here: Download List of materials...

Yarn and Recipes


Anna is fond of imbuing every stitch with a thought for her loved ones. The shawl is knitted in the finest warm and colourful wool, which is sure to spread joy on cold days. Download MATERIALS FOR ANNA’S WOOLLEN SHAWL: Anna and Clara’s 100% wool (50 g) 5 balls (250...

Yarn and Recipes

Tea Cosy

This lovely tea cosy helps keep your tea hot during the cold months of the year. ”It is both practical and cosy,” believes Clara. You can print the template here: Download MATERIALS FOR THE TEA COSY: Anna and Clara’s woollen yarn, 3 grey balls (150 g) + 1 purple ball...

Home and Interior

How to create lovely wall decorations from self-hardening clay

Self-hardening clay is a wonderful versatile material for creative projects, if you ask Anna, and most recently, she has used it to create lovely wall decorations. Learn more in the video and on the website where Anna shares her templates for the moon and rainbow figures. Download List of materials...

Christmas and Holidays

Free template for fine printable gift cards

Do you need to sort out the last of your Christmas gifts? If so, Anna will be happy to help you with this fine template for a printable gift card which will bring joy with the recipient. Follow the link, print the template and fill in the card with the...

Christmas and Holidays Home and Interior

Get a free printable 2020 calendar

Let the long wait of Christmas set the scene for a moment of ‘hygge’, where the dear little ones can decorate a calendar for the new year. The fine and personal 2020 calendar can thus also be an extra gift under the Christmas tree, if you ask Anna. Download Did...

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