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Fold your own paper cactuses

If you do not have green fingers, artificial plants can easily work as decorative elements in your home decor. Have a peek at the video in which paper cactuses are being made. Materials: Cardboard, price per pack EUR 1,38 Plant stand, price per item EUR 8,99 *RRP Find the items...


DIY – Creative calendar with watercolour

The always creative sister, Anna, has just finished her calendar for the new year. Watch and discover how Anna decorates her homemade calendar with watercolour patterns. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Watercolours, price per pack EUR 3,78 Watercolor paper, price per pack EUR 4,04 Clipboard, price per...


DIY – Embroidery on pencil holder

Anna loves doing embroidery while drinking a wonderful cup of tea. Have a peek at the video in which Anna freshens up her home office with a colourful pencil holder. Materials: Embroidery yarn, price per pack  EUR 1,68 Embroidery board, price per pack EUR 2,38 *RRP Find the items in...


DIY – Artwork with rulers

Rulers can be used for more than just homework, according to Anna. Watch the video and discover how Anna makes graphic art for the walls. Materials: Ruler , prices from EUR 1,39 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 30, 2017 and while supplies last. Did...


DIY – Wire basket storage for your desk

By combining two wire baskets, Anna manages to create a smart desk organiser for her writing utensils. Have a look at the video in which you step-for-step can learn how to make your own. Find more inspiration for your desk here: Materials: Wire basket, price per item  EUR 2,79...


DIY – Make your own desk organiser

The sisters suggest that you spoil yourself and your workspace with wonderful storage for your office and writing supplies. You can find more inspiration for your home office here: Materials: Pencil holder, price per item EUR 1,23 Boxes, prices from EUR 1,14 Pencil, prices from EUR 0,54 Glue gun, price...

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DIY – Pencil organisers from salt dough

Conjure up magical pencil organisers from homemade salt dough, which you can choose to paint afterwards. According to Anna, all you need is: Flour, salt, water, oil, paint and a paint brush. Anna’s salt dough recipe 2 dl flour 1 dl table salt 1 dl water 1 tbsp cooking oil Mix...

Home and Interior

DIY – Make a personal letter holder

Anna knows just how to transform a notebook into storage in the most beautiful manner.  Have a peek as she folds a personal letter holder from the delicate pages of the book. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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