Crochet storage to hang on the wall.

In these images, you can see both the bottom and the handle of the basket to make it easier to successfully recreate Anna’s design.

How to do post stitching:

Post stitching is done by hooking around the post of the stitch rather than into the top of the stitch. The structure is created by hooking around the post and under by inserting the hook either from front to back, or from back to front, in the previous row. Post stitching is a fun technique which may appear more difficult than it actually is.


Tr        treble crochet stitch

Ch       chain stitch

Ss        slip stitch

Dc        double crochet stitch


Crochet pattern

The basket:

Start by doing 30 chain stitches (ch). For a wider basket, just increase the number of stitches. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Row 1: (2 ch, 1 tr in next ch) x 30 times in total, incl. The first 2 ch [30].

Row 2: Do 1 back post crochet stitch around the post of the first stitch, then do 1 front post crochet stitch around the post of the next stitch. Alternate all the way around the circle [30].

Repeat row 2 until the desired height, e.g. 6-7 rows.

It is crucial for the rib pattern that you follow the instructions carefully and make sure to alternate between back post and front post crochet stitches.


Handle and finishing:

Crochet a handle by doing about 5 ch, or more to achieve the desired length. Skip the equivalent number of stitches and continue right round the edge of the basket doing a slip stitch (ss) in each stitch. Finish by crocheting over the handle again to make it a little sturdier.

Thread yarn through the outside loops at the bottom and pull tight for a round bottom. Hide yarn tails.

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