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Anna has designed a modern, industrial style glass pendant for Søstrene Grene’s stores, but – upon reflection, she feels like something should be added to the glass to make the lamp even more stylish. Anna thinks that a more feminine touch to the raw, industrial glass might prove to be just the thing it needs.

Fortunately, the Danish blogger Monsterscircus has a brilliant idea as to how one can add a simple, but romantic touch to the glass pendant. In the collaboration video below, you can explore the process and get inspiration for your own craft projects with porcelain paint.

Decorative glass pendant with porcelain painted Gingko leaves

How to decorate a glass pendant using a porcelain marker?

In the video, Søstrene Grene’s Marabu Porcelain Painter marker (1-2 mm) is used. Before you use it the first time, you may have to push down on the tip of the marker to make the paint flow. It is also important that you shake it well before use.

Written on the Marabu Porcelain Painter marker, you will find instructions on how to use it correctly, but note that these instructions have not been followed in the video tutorial below. On the marker, it says that in order to make the porcelain paint permanent, it has to be baked in the oven. Søstrene Grene do not recommend that the glass pendant is baked in the oven.

Anna occasionally likes to change her interior décor, so it is very practical that the porcelain paint can be wiped off the glass. This way she can apply a new motive or pattern on the glass pendant should need be. The porcelain paint hardens after four hours, so you need not worry that it might be wiped off too easily.

If you are working with a type of glass or porcelain that can endure a trip in the oven, remember to let it harden for four hours before you leave it in the oven for 30 min at 160°C. Do not pre-heat the oven before use.

Both the glass pendant and the porcelain marker can be purchased in Søstrene Grene.

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About Monstercircus

Since 2012, Danish blogger Mette has run the creative blog monsterscircus.com. Her mission is to make everyday life a bit more beautiful every day, and the blog is a creative epicenter of DIY and inspiration.

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