The sisters have invited frk_vorre, Danish Instagrammer and bullet journal enthusiast, to show how you can easily get started on bullet journaling.

DIY bullet journal
DIY bullet journal

About Johanne

 Behind the creative Instagram profile www.instagram.com/ frk_vorre is Johanne at 24 years, who specializes in Bullet Journaling. Johanne started making Bullet Journals, long before she discovered that it was a “thing”.

“There was simply not enough room in a regular calendar to cope with idea generation, appointments and deadlines. Therefore, I bought a notebook in which I could have it all together, and it became the start of my love for Bullet Journaling.

“Today, my Bullet Journal works not only as a practical tool – it also works as my creative personal space in which I can draw. Creativity has always been a major part of my life, so of course, my bullet journal also contains aspects of this. It gives it life, and it makes it unique, says Johanne. “

This video was made in collaboration with Johanne from the Instagram profile www.instagram.com/frk_vorre

Visit Johannes Instagram and let yourself become inspired by her creative work

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