How to bind books

Make covers for your school books

Many years have passed since Anna and Clara went to school, but the sisters still have not forgotten their school days and the importance of protecting one’s school books. A textbook must last several years, and you can make an additional effort to maintain your books by wrapping them in book covering paper.

Covering school books
Book covering paper is not only practical; if you ask Anna, it provides a unique opportunity to personalise your textbooks. Choose book covering paper and stickers with name and subject based on your personal style to make the school days even more fun.

How to make textbook covers?

Making paperback covers for your textbooks may seem difficult, and that is why Anna has made a video about this technique. In this video, you can learn how to make a lasting cover for your school books from Søstrene Grene’s book covering paper, which was manufactured with this purpose in mind.
All you need to make a cover for your textbooks:
Book covering paper

Decorate your homemade textbook covers

Should you prefer to embellish your homemade cover, Anna would like to suggest how you can decorate the paper with acrylic paint. Remember to only paint on the book covering paper and not the actual textbook.
Materials you will need to decorate the cover:
Acrylic paint (in your favourite colours)
Paint brush

Anna and Clara wish you a wonderful school year.

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