Creativity is crucial for the soul, if you ask Anna, who loves to design and create new home accessories. In fact, she is so fond of designing that she would like to share the pleasure with you. Be your own designer and make a unique lamp out of veneer for your home. In the video below, Anna presents her design, but there is really no end to the designs that can be created using veneer.

NB! Remember to use LED bulbs in homemade lamps like this. You can buy a socket with cable at Søstrene Grene, whereas you must get the LED bulb from your local DIY store.

Søstrene Grene recommends straightening the veneer ribbon before starting with this DIY project. This can be done by letting the veneer ribbon be unrolled for a few days before assembling the lamp, or by gently ironing the veneer ribbon at low heat. The veneer ribbon can withstand up to 130 degrees of heat (two dots on the iron’s heat setting) when it is ironed with a piece of baking paper between.

Watch Anna design a pendant lampshade out of veneer in the video below:

How to assemble Anna’s lampshade design


  • Veneer ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue cartridges
  • Tape measure
  • Paper clips
  • Socket with cable
  • Scissors


  1. Place three pieces of veneer as shown in the picture to create a triangle. Do not glue them together yet. Anna has created her lamp out of 90 cm pieces of veneer.
Make stunning lampshades
  1. Create another triangle out of three pieces of veneer. Do not glue the pieces together yet. Hold in place using paper clips instead, so the pieces are easy to adjust.
Make stunning lampshades
  1. Place the two triangles on top of each other. Glue the pieces of veneer together as shown in the picture.
Make stunning lampshades
  1. Finally, glue the ends together. (A) must be glued to (A), and (B) must be glued to (B). Continue all the way around until all the ends have been joined. You can follow the instructions in the video, which is an excellent guide for this part of the assembly process.

Tip! Use paper clips to hold the pieces of veneer together, while designing your lampshade. Then you do not have to glue the pieces together immediately, and you can make adjustments as you go along. “Once you have glued the veneer together, there is no going back,” explains Anna.

More lampshade designs

Here you can see another of Anna’s ideas for how veneer ribbon can be used to make a pendant lampshade. Have a go and make a perfect design for your home.

Make stunning lampshades

You can also make a table lampshade for displaying on your console or the like.

Make stunning lampshades

Veneer as a design material.

Wood veneer is a unique material, which is extremely flexible and great for playing with. The colour of the veneer adds an organic and warm look to suit most home interiors.

What can the surplus bits of veneer be used for?

Out of the surplus bits of veneer, you can make small boxes for jewellery, keys, office supplies and other small items. Watch the video where Anna shows how you can create homemade boxes of out of veneer ribbon.

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